26 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Homily

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This is a 10 minute Thanksgiving Homily from today.  It ties Jewish sacrificial meals to the Holy Mass.  It also ties a little of the history of Israel to a bit of modern history in the United States, and how we thank God in the darkness.

29 08, 2015

Marriage Defenders: Part 2 of 2

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A friend of mine who is a beautiful wife and mother of seven children was in a supermarket this week.  A 50 year old man stopped her and then sarcastically asked her if she knew what "caused" having seven kids. She texted me about this and then added her and her husband's thoughts on this: Some days the world just wears you down and a part of you starts to feel like maybe you are a freak. Not just about having a lot of kids, but about everything. And then you realize you need to spend some time in adoration and start to once again see life through Jesus' eyes [...]

6 06, 2015

Pilgrimage 4 of 5

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When I think of angels in adoration of the Blessed Trinity, I think of how the angels´ adoration is: cosmic, undulating, unified to an inter-galatic degree of gyrating glory, power, light and effusion. Then I wonder: How could I praise God like that? Hands up? Sing louder? Better music? Everything except the Mass actually comes up short in reality, and even then the full glories of the Mass are not known except to a few saints, this side of the veil. Why exactly are we left in dust and ashes on earth while the angels know quite easily how to orbit God in weightless joy, combined with all the weight [...]

16 05, 2015

Pilgrimage 1 of 5

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This is a series not on my current pilgrimage, but on the Theology of Pilgrimage.  A priest-friend from Denver once said to me:  "Pilgrimage isn't just another analogy for the Christian life.  Pilgrimage is the reality of the Christian life."  That may not sound too profound at first, but the more I meditated on the Old and New Testament, the more I realized that every book of the Bible fulfilled these words.  It is no wonder that he had walked the Camino a few times. I'm in Spain now, but when I wrote this post, I was flying from India to Spain.  Flying over the Red Sea, I look at the computer [...]

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