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1407, 2024

To Belong to God Alone

By |July 14th, 2024|

We all know the Bible and saints put the interior life far ahead of the exterior life.  However, the enemy of human nature often convinces us that we're the exception.  Like fools, we take the bait.  But then something befalls us (eithr good or bad) to remind us how dependent we are on the Blessed Trinity.  We see it's exactly as Jesus told the Apostles:  Without Me, you can do nothing.—John 15:5.  Nothing is nothing is nothing.  Every drop of a successful apostolate (even online or on the streets) is dependent on union with Christ. In light of this, I've taken on some new resolutions of mental prayer and exercise because I've (yet again, as I never learn my lesson) become convinced of the interior life above the exterior life.  One thing that helped me is this simple paragraph put [...]

507, 2024

Ahead of the Curve on the Hermit Life

By |July 5th, 2024|

More and more diocesan priests are becoming interested in becoming a diocesan hermit under Canon 603.  That's what I am.  (My rule of life with approved apostolates is here.)  Some traditionally-minded Roman Catholic priests have contacted me over the last few years because they want to offer the traditional sacraments and no longer want to do the Novus Ordo Missae (NOM.) What is interesting about the men contacting me is that they (like me) do not have the personality of being a hermit.  But they are more willing (and more likely) to live alone than to compromise their conscience anymore in typical parish life in the United States.  As more and more traditional (and even semi-traditional) young priests in parishes are seeing that they cannot in good conscience follow such orders as Traditiones Custodes (TC) they contact me furtively.  They wonder [...]

1506, 2024

Going from the ’55 Missal to the ’45 Missal

By |June 15th, 2024|

As you know, for the first seven years of my priesthood, I offered the new sacraments.  The last seven years I have offered exclusively the old sacraments.  But now I'm switching from a 1962 TLM Missal to a 1939 TLM Missal.  This has little to do with the papacy or obedience or rebellion or political statements or trying "to be more trad than the next priest." To be honest, when I first heard traditionalists speak of the decision to Restorethe54 in place of the 1962 Missal, I thought, "Wow, nothing is good enough for these snotty traditionalists!"  (And this was after I had switched to the TLM that I was tired of this infighting!)  But it turns out it was not infighting.   The more I studied, the more I saw that the freemason Archbishop Hannibale Bugnini was already reducing [...]

406, 2024

“To Utter All Kinds of Evil Against You Falsely On My Account.”

By |June 4th, 2024|

Recently, I was featured in an article at Baptist News called The Harrison Butker story is so much weirder than you know.  It was a hit piece against several high-profile American traditional Catholics, including myself.  The featured image to their hit piece is reproduced above (photo credit to the lefty Baptist News) capturing many people I respect including Archbishop Viganó, Bishop Strickland, Fr. Ripperger, Fr. Heilman, Candace Owens, Josh Charles, Kennedy Hall, Michael Hichborn, and yours truly right in the middle with a not-very-flattering picture (when my face was fatter than it is now.)  I was honored to be featured with so many of my heroes and heroines in maintaining the Apostolic Faith amidst so much confusion. The Protestant author was informed by ex-trads like Basil Dannebohm.  Regarding most of the traditional Catholics targeted, they used exaggerations.  However, true to [...]

1505, 2024

Fourteen Years a Priest

By |May 15th, 2024|

Cum his qui oderant pacem, eram pacificus.—Psalm 119:7. Today is the 14th anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood.  I am often reminded there is only One High Priest, Jesus Christ.  We ministerial priests share in that priesthood both ontologically and by suffering as Christ suffered. The above picture was taken before or after a trial several years ago in Washington DC after one of our arrests for peacefully counseling inside an abortion center with Red Rose Rescue (RRR.) We do counseling inside abortion centers to stop the immediate threat of babies about to be killed with the understanding our peaceful protest will probably lead to arrest. The above picture includes Will Goodman on the left who was just sentenced to 1.5 more years in prison. On the right is Fr. Fidelis CFR (né Christopher Moscinski) who has recently spent [...]

2804, 2024

Reconnaissance Mission in the Mediterranean

By |April 28th, 2024|

If we see the prophesied "Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" before the end of the world, there is reason to believe we'll get a traditional Pope (as miraculous as that would be) and my hope in that would begin the resuscitation of the international missions of the Catholic Church.  Perhaps I would leave my hermit life and begin or join an international congregation if that happened.  Or more than likely, I would continue my current life and simply go deeper into contemplation and also deeper into international missions.  (This is why I learned French and Spanish and Portuguese, anyway.)  Or perhaps I will be old, and I'll just continue to teach online. When that day of the Resurrection of the Church comes (namely, when Mary said in the famous apparition in Ecuador 500 years ago that the Church—after [...]

1404, 2024

Malfunctioning Warriors with Solid Consciences

By |April 14th, 2024|

The above picture is one I snapped on the Greek island I am currently on.  This is part retreat and part mission which will be revealed later.  I'm continue to produce content on this site and my channels.  I continue to pray/read 4 hrs/day, so I continue to thank my donors for keeping my life going abroad.  This isn't just some vacation to get away and sit on a beach.  Amazingly, I have got the 30-40 pieces of a TLM kit plus my MacBook in a single carry-on everywhere I go in the world, usually having no need to check a bag in luggage (unless I have bottles of altar wine.)   Tonight I take a boat to Kos and then another boat the next day to Patmos, the island where St. John wrote the Book of the Apocalypse.  Next, [...]

2303, 2024

Grab Bag of Q/As on Email

By |March 23rd, 2024|

One part of my life is answering the theological questions of friends and benefactors.  Below is an email I got from a friend today.  I didn't think I'd turn it into a blog post until after I hit "send," but I needed something for my Life-Update section (especially so you know what I do with a small portion of my week.) I think you'll find his two theological questions fascinating: His email: Fr. Nix, Two confusions which have been floating around in my mind for a year or two. I have seen a pamphlet, I think by Fr. A., stating that we can pray now for a suicide victim who died years before, with the understanding that Our Lord, being outside of time, can backdate the prayers. The pamphlet didn't take the next logical step, namely that today we can [...]

903, 2024

Mass of the Ages 3 and “My Three Mothers”

By |March 9th, 2024|

Last week, some friends offered to pay my way to Chicago and back to see Mass of the Ages 3 (henceforth, MOTA 3).  I was featured in episode one and two, but not three, so I didn't have a lot of reasons to come out.  But a free flight and seeing friends who would be attending the premier sounded like it might be worth it.  Besides the fact we all had a great trip, the movie was excellent.  (There were a few caveats to this, like how the movie got wrong a major-premise to the current state of papacy, but that is not the point of this article.) What I didn't expect is that the flick turned out to be an unexpected jaunt through the life of my own mother and what it means to be the mother of a [...]

2102, 2024

Why I Offer the Old Sacraments Exclusively

By |February 21st, 2024|

Here's why I offer the old Roman Sacraments: Mass:  The Traditional Latin Mass uses only the Roman Canon, which the Counsel of Trent infallibly states is something Jesus Christ Himself gave to the Apostles as I wrote about in this article. Confession:  The old-rite absolution automatically includes the lifting of excommunication of certain sins like abortion by the very fact that it includes the word "excommunication" as what is relieved just before the words of absolution, as I explained in this podcast.  This is not the case in the new formulation of absolution, but apparently a "tag on" prayer has been added for just such sins. Extreme Unction:  In the old Rite, the book containing Extreme Unction includes very powerful exorcism prayers surrounding the "Commendation of the Soul" and "On Expiration" prayers.  Essentially, the priest is there for hours to [...]

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