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Tax-Deductible checks can be made to:
Peregrino Hermitage Ltd.

PO Box 87

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  • I receive health-insurance and dental-insurance from my Archdiocese, but all of my room and board, as well as ministry expenses, comes from you, my donors.
  • You can donate one-time or recurring using Continue To Give. Just tap the above-link in green.
  • You can donate by snail-mail check. See the above snail-mail address in orange. (I’m usually a month-behind in cashing them.)
  • You can donate using Zelle connected to my email, fathernix[@] (Obviously, drop the brackets.) The advantage of Zelle takes no “cut” from your donation like Continue to Give but it goes straight to me, not my charity. (You can do one-time or repeat.) If it’s your first time donating on Zelle, please email me just so I know how to thank you.
  • My main ministry is online-teaching. Search the channel “Padre Peregrino” on anything from YouTube to Spotify.
  • I have an approved contemplative rule-of-life containing active apostolates.
  • I receive the same salary as an American diocesan priest (about $2000/mo) but from Peregrino Hermitage Limited (PHL.) PHL also covers all expenses like room and board, ministry and travel.
  • I do not travel for low Masses. I can occasionally travel for High Masses like weddings. For emergencies, I can almost always travel within 100 miles of my current location for baptism or confession or extreme unction. I never take money for any sacraments. If you want to donate for my teaching, please do it here online.
  • Similarly, I do not take Mass stipends, but I can usually make your prayer-request a major Mass-intention. This goes for donors and non-donors alike: I usually have about a dozen major Mass intentions at every Mass. Just email me prayer requests.
  • If you send me a prayer-request in the mail, please do not attach a donation, or I will return both. (This is not to be rude, only to avoid sin.)
  • I can normally respond to a short-emails within a month, but please send only one theological-question. Notice I do not answer anonymous e-mails. This is because anonymous-communications are just too similar to secret-communications, which is not appropriate for a priest.
  • See PHL’s Conflict of Interest Policy here.
  • Your donations help me to continue my online teaching and street ministry as well as occasional sacramental travels. That is why I am extremely thankful for all donations you send. I have no big traditional Catholic donors. No celebrities have ever given me money. Please keep in mind the main gift I give my donors is my teaching series (not spiritual direction). I especially offer you my audio and video versions of VLX and RCT (which is free also for non-donors.) Teaching Scripture (VLX) and Catechism (RCT) online is what I do, not long phone calls. See 1 Cor 1:17 and 1 Tim 5:17 to understand why some priests have had non-parish callings in life.

A few other notes…

  • My organization’s expenses are listed here by percentage in regards to 2022 donations.
  • I will continue praying Holy Mass and the Divine Office. I will be praying several hours a day for the restoration of the Catholic Church and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • I am able to keep my site and channels ad-free and without “premium” or “patreon” subscriptions because of donors like you.
  • My blog gets about 1 million reads a year and my podcasts/channel have another 1 million listens a year, so this is reaching people, but I do it for free. Please be a part of this mission!
  • Having heard thousands of confessions from Brazil to India in four languages, I now only hear occasional confessions in my home state and while traveling. Much of my evangelization is now online.
  • But I hand out Miraculous Medals on chains to strangers on the streets. I hope to be something of an urban “monk-missionary” as I now have a habit in which I will pray and walk.
  • My pro-life work is on a temporary hiatus, but normally includes sidewalk counseling.
  • In a time when Catholics are wary of corrupt CCHD “cuts” from their donations, know that all your gifts here go to this organization.

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. David Nix