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1206, 2022

FACE Laws that Both Hurt and Help

By |June 12th, 2022|

p/c LSN.  The above is an arrest of Fr. Fidelis, myself and Will Goodman in New Jersey with Red Rose Rescue in July 2019. In the 1980s, the great heroes of the pro-life movement were those associated with "Operation Rescue" and other pro-lifers who locked themselves peacefully to abortion centers. They were often beat up by police until they released themselves from a PVC pipe connecting themselves to others with a seat-belt release found only in that PVC pipe. Though rattled, they usually only had to do a short time in jail for this. However, Bill Clinton passed the FACE laws which made it not a misdemeanor but a felony to block entrance to an abortion center. This greatly put the breaks on "Operation Rescue" since this would be an immediate five years in prison. Years later, "Red Rose Rescue" [...]

2805, 2022

What Does It Mean to Be a Priest “In Good Standing”?

By |May 28th, 2022|

This weekend, I was at the FSSP ordinations in Nebraska at the invitation of one of the mothers of a newly ordained priest.  Sadly, the day after the ordinations and just after the first Masses of the newly ordained, one rather courageous FSSP priest told me there was a rumor going around their fellow FSSP priests that I was suspended. Apparently, the other Frat priests running this rumor mill were too lazy to look at my blog (which shows I'm in good standing on many other pages besides this one) and were not courageous enough to simply ask me my status in my diocese. Actually, a few FSSP priests asked me about my status (but only one told me about the FSSP rumors.) I told them (each separately) I was in good standing (as seen above) since the Archdiocese of [...]

705, 2022

A Hermit’s “Base of Operations.”

By |May 7th, 2022|

Please be aware that the email-notification app on this blog no longer works, so you’ll just have to check out these Life Updates every week. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to all my talks and videos at Padre Peregrino on Rumble. One of the funny accusations against me is that I'm not a good hermit precisely because I'm teaching people online or doing street evangelization (or, for example, today I am the roll of sub-deacon at a wedding.).  As I have written before, a hermit in the tradition of the Church is simply one who lives-alone.  It does not mean he refrains from talking to people or refrains from ministry.  A cursory read of the life of my middle-name's saint, St. Jerome, will tell the story of a cave-dwelling hermit who was critcized even by St. Augustine for talking to [...]

2604, 2022

A Big Thanks to Donors

By |April 26th, 2022|

To Material Donors I want to thank all my material donors (who greatly overlap with my material donors) who are so generous in monthly donations and one-time donations.  Ten years ago, I never expected to be having to raise my own funds as a priest.  But now I found that I have a freedom to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise comes as I run a private Catholic charity dedicated to evangelization, teaching, pro-life work and Church reform.  As you know, I still get health-insurance and dental-insurance from my diocese.  However, all of my room and board as well as ministry expenses are covered by your generous donations.  As I mentioned on my donate page, my 501(c)(3) provides me a $2,000 salary a month for personal needs and other gifts.  Finally, please note that you have seen some [...]

3103, 2022

Pro-Lifers Arrested by FBI with Drawn Guns

By |March 31st, 2022|

p/c Survivors LA Instagram As most of you know, I have been arrested for peacefully praying and counseling inside abortion centers in NJ and DC.  I do this with a group called Red Rose Rescue (RRR) that my friend Will Goodman wrote about on my website here not long ago.  A "rescue" is a group act to directly save lives in immediate danger by remaining in a killing center to intervene inside with peaceful prayer and calm counseling. There was a rescue in 2020 not associated with RRR but with some of the same people including my friends Will and Lauren.  The FBI went after them today.  Although Will is homeless (and therefore hard to pin down) he texted me this about his friends who were arrested for that 2020 rescue with him and Lauren: "My friend Jonathan Darnel had his [...]

2603, 2022

Personal Observations of Death Row

By |March 26th, 2022|

For some reason, I have never written about my ministry at Sterling Correctional Facility (above) on the Eastern Plains of Colorado.  It's an extremely high-security prison in Sterling, CO.  I was once stationed as a Catholic priest here about 10 years ago.  Sterling contained Colorado's criminals who were on death-row.  However, two years ago (to the week) Governor Polis abolished the death penalty.  This was obviously several years after I left the facility. (Notice that the Federal-crimes death-row criminals are located in Colorado at infamous facility called Supermax.)  In any case, I used to go to the high-security Sterling Correctional Facility a few times a month to hear confessions, lead a Bible study and sometimes offer Holy Mass.  This location held many of Colorado most violent criminals including murderers and rapists and sexual predators. I was never called to ministry [...]

1303, 2022

Miraculous Medals: Should You Hand Out Blessed Ones?

By |March 13th, 2022|

Hello Father Nix, I am a senior in a public high school and have been trying to discuss matters of the Faith to various people, I have been contemplating on whether I should give out blessed or unblessed Miraculous Medals in this type of environment. What do you suggest? Sincerely, G --- Hi G, It's a good question. I understand the philosophy of giving out unblessed Miraculous Medals (MM)s in case people of bad will sacrilege them but ultimately I think it's best to give out blessed MMs on chains to people who have a good-will. If someone has a bad will, we don't want them sacrileging MMs that are blessed or unblessed . If they have a good will (even if not Catholic) the blessing can only help them. Of course, you can't judge who has a good-will or [...]

2302, 2022

To Remain at the Foot of the Cross

By |February 23rd, 2022|

My friend, Msgr. Philip Reilly of the diocese of Brooklyn was the founder of Helpers of God's Precious Infants.  Msgr. Reilly was one of the pioneers of sidewalk counseling in the United States.  His method of love, fasting, prayer, kindness and constant presence at the abortion centers has been the cause of tens of thousands of saves and the closing of many abortion centers. Msgr. Reilly is an extremely gentle and compassionate sidewalk counselor who has turned away countless women from an abortion center in Brooklyn and has inspired the satellite units of Helpers of God's Precious Infants to close numerous abortion mills.  But even when sidewalk counselors are not as successful as him, they remember his spirituality:  At the abortion center, we are truly at Calvary.  Jesus Christ is re-crucified in the unborn because Jesus Himself said as you [...]

702, 2022

No Flexing, Just Limping

By |February 7th, 2022|

In the Catholic Church, no single group has any room left to flex in such a huge crisis of doctrine and morals. It's the perfect time for the reunification of all Christians. I could name a logical flaw with the ecclesiology of every group in the Catholic Church trying to answer the current outrageous crisis: Charismatic Novus-Ordo, Conservative Novus-Ordo, diocesan TLM, FSSP, SSPX, Bennyplenist, Sedevacantist, Eastern Churches... They all have at least one logical flaw on the post-Vatican II papacy and hierarchy. (I actually belong in one of those groups, but point is: I'm not above any of those groups. I probably haven't figured out something you haven't.) The fact is that I'm genuinely confused and humbled by the crisis in the Church. I will never leave the Catholic Church but with seven revamped sacraments starting 55 years ago and [...]

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