8 05, 2023

Things We Lost in the Fire

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As seen in the picture I took above, I visited the new Immaculata Church in Kansas.  The new $42M Church was consecrated (dedicated to God) on the third of May, 2023. The Immaculata was built by the SSPX.  They are canonically-irregular but not schismatic.  Remember that in 2009 Pope Benedict XVI lifted the putative-excommunications previously placed on their bishops.  Even the current Vatican recognizes all their Masses as valid, and even all their confessions as both valid and licit.  Although I have no desire (nor intention) to leave my Archdiocese and apply to the SSPX, I very much admire their adherence to keeping the ancient Catholic faith during this time of near-global [...]

27 04, 2023

Why “Apostolic Catholicism”?

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Why do I always reference "Apostolic Catholicism" in my blogs and podcasts?  Because I am convinced that what "normy-Catholics" label as "traditional Catholicism" is really nothing more than "Apostolic Catholicism."  That is, our true faith and true liturgy goes back to what Christ gave to the Apostles. Granted, it's very easy for normy Catholics to mock traditionalists as being stuck in a time-warp to the 1950s.  But our beef with modernism touches not on the level of wax in mustaches or which whiskey goes with a certain cigar.  Rather, it has to do with the salvation of souls all across the world.  You see, if the Catholic clergy of the [...]

30 03, 2023

Commandments and Traditions

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The Gospel found in the Traditional Latin Mass for the Wednesday of the third week of Lent includes this excoriation from Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Pharisees: Then came to Him from Jerusalem scribes and Pharisees, saying: "Why do Thy disciples transgress the tradition of the ancients? For they wash not their hands when they eat bread."  But He answering, said to them: "Why do you also transgress the commandment of God for your tradition? For God said: 'Honour thy father and mother: And: He that shall curse father or mother, let him die the death.' But you say: 'Whosoever shall say to father or mother, The gift whatsoever proceedeth [...]

28 03, 2023

Pachamama and the Plagues of Egypt

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Have we already forgotten the men who put a Pachamama idol in the Vatican? Have we forgotten the bishops and Cardinals who were complicit in this First Commandment violation through their resounding silence? As we will see, there are Biblical patterns that make sense of the fact that the people currently promoting pagan worship in the Catholic Church are the same ones overturning traditional worship. First of all, consider the fact that the word "Paschal" (Easter) has the same roots as "Passover." The Oxford Dictionary explains that "Paschal" was originally Middle English from the Old French taken from the ecclesiastical Latin paschalis. This word came from the similar Greek and [...]

26 01, 2023

The Mystical Body’s Ever-Changing Crucifixion

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The earliest age of the Church was the age of blood martyrs. As I currently am reading the Victories of the Martyrs by St. Alphonsus, I am repeatedly shocked how spontaneously the earliest Catholic men and women and children chide their Roman procurators for their pagan worship. Before the threat of flames, little girls openly declare they would rather suffer several minutes in the flames than the eternal flames to which the Roman procurator will throw himself if he does not repent for his idolatry. That early age of the Church carried the physical cross of Jesus Christ. Indeed, many of the early martyrs were literally crucified, as was Our [...]

6 01, 2023

“He is to Be Accused by His Subjects.”—St. Isidore

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I do not want this blog to turn my readers into "heresy hunters" since recognizing heresy is not enough to obtain eternal life. Also, there is so much heresy in current "Catholics" (both lay and clergy) that your "heresy hunting" would become an exhausting effort. But this blog is worth writing because there is an odd gnostic-myth floating around Catholic circles today that a heretic in the hierarchy can only be recognized by either a group of Cardinals or an obsolete battery of canonical trials. While it is true that the saints seem to delineate between "material heresy" (small points) and "manifest heresy" (obvious heresy) the latter is held by [...]

20 11, 2022

The Abomination of Desolation

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The Gospel in the TLM today is about the end of the world.  Christ declares that "the abomination of desolation" will enter "the holy place." (Mt 24:15.)  In those days "there shall arise false Christs and false prophets" (v. 24.) Our Lord adds this unusual line: "Unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved.  But for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened." (v. 22.) Earlier in Matthew 24, Christ describes dark signs that will precede His light-filled return: "You shall hear of wars and rumours of wars." (v. 6.) And "nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be [...]

29 09, 2022

Either Deceived by Satan Or Discredited by Men

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The The Devil's Final Battle (DFB, henceforth in this blog-post) is a book published in 2002 and edited by Fr. Paul Kramer.  In it, we read:  "In 1917, the very year Our Lady appeared at Fatima, St. Maximilian Kolbe as in Rome, where he saw the Masons showing their open hostility to the Catholic Church and carrying placard announcing their intention to infiltrate the Vatican so that satan would rule from the Vatican and the Pope would be his slave.  They also boasted at the same time that they would destroy the Church. The intention of the Masons to destroy the Church fits in perfectly with the well-known Masonic dictum, 'We [...]

20 09, 2022

He Who Is Not Against Us—Is For Us

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The late Fr. Gabriele Amorth was the chief exorcist of Rome in the 20th century under Pope John Paul II.  In his second book, An Exorcist: More Stories,  he recounts on page 124 a soldier with a demon who had originally met with him but couldn't make future appointments.  Fr. Amorth writes:  "Continuing with the story of the young soldier: he called me to cancel our fourth appointment, citing military duties. Several months later, I received a letter from him. He told me that he had to leave Rome because he had been suddenly transferred to northern Italy. He gratefully thanked me for the help I had provided and joyfully [...]

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