11 06, 2024

St. Catherine’s Letter to Cardinals Under an Antipope

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These days, St. Catherine of Siena is frequently quoted in her love of the pope of her day (as well she should be.) However, she is less frequently quoted in what she had to say about the antipope of her day.  There have been 20-40 antipopes in history, so a discussion on this topic is not “anti-Catholic," or "schismatic," as the following account of St. Catherine clearly demonstrates. The website Virgo Sacrata reads: “In 1378, after the election of Pope Urban VI, the majority of Cardinals, Prelates and the people recognized Clement VIl as pope, even though he was in reality an antipope. Thirteen out of sixteen cardinals questioned the [...]

16 04, 2024

God: Spes Única Mundi

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p/c R.P. at Holy Ghost. The pre-55 Easter Vigil's 12th Prophesy (sung before Holy Mass) ends with a prayer naming God as the "Only Hope of the World" (Spes Única Mundi.) I went to that very long vigil on Saturday night at a traditional parish in my area and then on Sunday Morning, I offered my own low Mass in my hermitage. Later that day, I started wondering if I was too heard on modernism.  Ultimately, my conclusion was:  Yes, in personal conversations.  No, in my online apostolate of Church reform. One of the reasons I came to the latter conclusion was thinking about how slowly many of the Eastern [...]

4 04, 2024

Expiation of Your Era’s Sins

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The men of that [last] generation will have no deeds whatever, but there will come upon them temptation, and those who are worthy in this temptation will be higher than us and our fathers.—St. Ischyrion of Egypt. I have wondered for a long time if good Catholics in any given period in history have to “take the hits” (so to speak) of that specific era in which they live. In other words, if Medieval Catholics were physically very cold, it is no wonder that saints like St. Francis of Assisi had to face to cold as a poor beggar. If Christians in Muslim lands had their throats slit, it is [...]

2 04, 2024

The Resurrection of the Church

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On Palm Sunday, a donor and friend texted me an excerpt from The Familiar Explanation of Christian Doctrine written by Rev. Michael Müller, C.SS.R in 1876.  I know we all have a tendency to skip long "copy-and-pastes" on blogs we visit, but I really hope you read this Question/Answer on the indefectibility of the Catholic Church, for you will see:  As Christ raised Himself by His Divine Power, so also, Jesus Christ will raise us out of this Church crisis. Familiar Explanation of Christian Doctrine” by Rev. Michael Müller, C.SS.R., 1876 Lesson VII.—The Roman Catholic Church Cannot Be Destroyed Q. What is the world in which we live? A. It [...]

21 03, 2024

The Red Guard of Tradition

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Who controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls the past.—George Orwell, 1984. Tucker Carlson recently interviewed a Chinese woman named Xi Van Fleet.  After Mao's culture revolution, Xi sought and received asylum in the United States in the 1970s.  She soon came to love and defend America.  This became especially evident when, in 2020, she realized the United States was undergoing a communist revolution, fabricated not upon a conflict of class, but rather that of race.  (Fabricated is the operative word in the last sentence.)  Although Xi never wanted to be involved in politics in the United States, she spoke at a Loudon Co. (VA) school [...]

12 03, 2024

Relevance, Compromise and Conversion

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The Bad News: The above picture is a French Catholic priest recently snapped. According to the caption I read online, his Mass vestments reflect the uniform of the French soccer (football) team.  There are not many young people around him as you can see.  Clergy seeking "relevance" among peers in modern culture has made very few converts.  "We're the exact same as you, so please join our club!" Why? Why would I join a club of old people trying to act young? Below are graphs on the Catholic Church in the United States from Index of Leading Catholic Indicators, a book written in 2003 by Kenneth Jones, a graduate of [...]

7 03, 2024

Is the Eucharist a “Prize For the Perfect”?

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Many modernist-heretics since the 1970s have purposefully conflated the requirement to receive Holy Communion in a state of grace with the notion of receiving Holy Communion in a state of perfection.  This is purposeful and diabolical ambiguity.  The Bible and the Catholic Church have always taught that one must receive Holy Communion in "a state of grace."  One need not be in a "state of perfection" (normally seen as the unitive stage of prayer, or the religious state or the state of being a bishop) to receive Holy Communion. In light of the above purposeful-conflation, modernist heretics since the 1970s have often said things like "The Eucharist is not a [...]

5 03, 2024

Who Gave Priests the Right To Defend Traditional Catholicism?

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Anyone who tries to phone me knows that my device is in "airplane mode" about ¾ of the day and then in "moon mode" the other ¼ of the day.  This isn't to be rude, but because a traditional priest has several hours of prayer a day.  Due to this (and not having a community with whom to share various duties) my only time for "reading" is while washing dishes or cleaning my hermitage or running to the hospital for extreme unction.  Thus, I listen to pre-downloaded audio-books or podcasts or Rosaries on airplane-mode much of the day while not in prayer or writing.  My goal is to then turn [...]

29 02, 2024

The Scarcity Principal on the Deposit of the Faith

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Knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the Precious Blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot.—1 Pt 1:18-19. The above quote from Sacred Scripture shows that the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ is objectively of infinite value to our salvation from sin, death, hell and demons.  But many Catholics today subjectively take the shed-blood of Jesus for granted.  As I have written before, a diocesan bishop once admitted to me that 80% of the Catholics in his Archdiocese received Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin [...]

22 02, 2024

Christ’s Revelation Is Built Upon Natural Law

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Top-left: St. Thomas Aquinas.  Top-right: Person at  funeral for trans.-person at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, p/c Time Magazine. Recently, someone asked me about the Catholic Church's teaching on "transgenderism." Before we get to theology, we must realize that certain members of society identify as "transvestite." Transvestite means "one who has changed clothes."  It is obviously possible to change your clothes, whether this be for ordered reasons (like a certain male-martyr described in the ancient Roman Martyrology who dressed up as a woman to save a Christian woman in a Roman prison in order to replace her) or for disordered reasons, like a man erroneously believing he is a woman. [...]

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