27 10, 2020

TCE 6: Uncut Version: Ex-satanist Discusses Religion and Politicians in 2020

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A former satanic high-wizard of the World Satanic Church converted and became a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic who now works for the end of abortion. Zachary King speaks about his conversion via the Miraculous Medal and we then walk back through Zachary's life including his youth, entrance into Satan’s World Church, induction as High Wizard, B*hemian Grove, abortions and curses for the Bild*rb*rg Group and the involvement with Gates. We end with what Zachary is doing for the end of abortion (after committing so many himself.) This is an exceptional account of the love of Divine Mercy and an unlikely recruitment into "Mary’s Army" as he describes his new vocation. [...]

22 11, 2019

New Age “Catholics” Part 2

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In today's podcast, Kelly Nieto discusses her conversion from New Age to Catholicism.  The featured image on the blog is a picture I took of Indian "dreamcatchers" placed by the Amazon Synod folks into the Church of Santa Maria Transpontina in Rome last month.  Notice the diabolical-looking garment next to the basket.

10 10, 2019

Science and Religion Part 2: The Superstition of Those Who Reject Religion

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In my last blog post, I explained how important it is for science to be concerned with the object (objective truth) more than the subject (subjective truth.) Strangely, many people in the West who reject Christianity now also reject science.  They put on their cars and on their lawns a new secular creed called the "Sign of Justice."  Let's examine their claims from a scientific (not religious) point of view: Sign of Justice: "Black Lives Matter." (See picture above) Assertion: Those who do not support "Black Lives Matter" are racists. Historical Reality: Black Lives Matter was created by George Soros to use blacks as pawns to cause civil unrest in the United [...]

3 05, 2019

Harry Potter’s Effects on Children

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I recently put up a FB post about JK Rowling's fictional character Cassandra Vablatsky. Vablatsky is the fictional character who wrote the textbook Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as mentioned in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Even Harry Potter's "fandom" website admits that Vablatsky was named after famous Russian Satanist, Helena Blavatsky.  Under this FB post, I had 223 comments before publication of this blog post.  One thing I later remarked is that it would be harder to pry from the hands of a Colorado teen his or her pot than Harry Potter novels! Such a disproportionate response shows some preternatural involvement. But what proves the preternatural (diabolical) side [...]

1 10, 2017

The Rosary Will Triumph Over Abortion

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In the TLM calendar, today is the external feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Although this sermon deals with abortion, I tried to avoid extremely graphic descriptions of the violence.  In fact, the families with whom I inquired after Mass had no problem with my vocabulary in preaching.  Nevertheless, I would highly encourage parents to preview this sermon in order to first determine the level of age-appropriate listening in your family. Nota Bene:  Future sermons will probably be released on Mondays, blog posts on Thursdays.

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