I recently put up a FB post about JK Rowling’s fictional character Cassandra Vablatsky. Vablatsky is the fictional character who wrote the textbook Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as mentioned in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Even Harry Potter’s “fandom” website admits that Vablatsky was named after famous Russian Satanist, Helena Blavatsky.  Under this FB post, I had 223 comments before publication of this blog post.  One thing I later remarked is that it would be harder to pry from the hands of a Colorado teen his or her pot than Harry Potter novels! Such a disproportionate response shows some preternatural involvement.

But what proves the preternatural (diabolical) side of Harry Potter is found in the words of modern-day exorcists.  Fr. Ripperger, founder of a congregation of exorcists, spoke on this topic of exorcists and Harry Potter a few years ago at a University in Tulsa beginning at minute 57.  I transcribed from this talk his most important words on Harry Potter:

Every time I give a conference, people ask me about Harry Potter. JK Rowlings went to witch school before she wrote the books. The spells in the book are actual spells. How do we know that? Well, because witches tell us they’re real. And there was a woman in Spain who decided to try one of the spells of fire and it burnt her house to the ground. Now JK Rowlings has denied she’s a witch. Ok… You walk like one, you quack like one, you write books like one…One exorcist told me…60% of the names in Harry Potter are actual names of demons that exorcists have booted out of people. There is an exorcist I know who is a friend of mine. He and I are always comparing notes on Judas, because Judas is a hard guy to get out of people. [That exorcist] has had to exorcise three children just for reading the books. I had a case of possession. I wasn’t the one to liberate him; I started the case but I had to pass it to someone else because I had to move to another location of a person who was possessed by five demons who claimed that they were the demons who inspired JK Rowlings to write Harry Potter. So I tell people: Avoid it. All exorcists who are worth their weight—there’s only one guy who says it’s okay—there’s something wrong with that guy. But all the other exorcists I know who are experienced are clear: Stay away from it.—Fr. Ripperger

The second (and last) thing I would like to include on this blog post on Harry Potter is an email that a young woman wrote me in response to my FB post on Harry Potter.   She she gave me permission to publish it, seen below in italics:


Dear Father Dave,

I am writing to you in regards the Harry Potter saga.  In all honesty, the Harry Potter series is amazing and it has infected every corner of the world.  I think it’s bigger than Star Wars.  The author has managed to create original concepts such as the moving photographs or paintings, the invisible elves that help around the Hogwarts’Castle, or the moving stairs (stairs that move on their own and lead you to other corridors/floors), the crazy flavored candy and much more. Prior to my visit to Universal Studios, I became annoyed and saddened that Jesus Christ was overlooked.  Harry Potter dominating the world over Jesus Christ?  Among all those HP fans, I’m sure there exist many Christians. Where is the deafening love for our LORD?

Since I am the only child in my family, I watched and read the entire Harry Potter series.  Finding a common topic between my cousins was essential and eventually…I became a fan.  A while back, my relatives invited me to join them to Universal Studios, where a brand new Harry Potter theme park had just debuted.  Even though I wasn’t able to see the one attraction I wanted (it’s only available in Universal Studios Florida), I tried my best to enjoy the experience.  The first location we attended was the so called Ollivander’s Wand Shop. There was probably about a 7-minute private group session.  The employee basically chose a younger female child and pretended to help her choose her wand.  It was funny and cute since this was straight out from the first movie. Special lights and music if you get my gist.  After the session was over, all the participants stepped out of the private room and were led to the wands available for purchase. 

My cousin took her time reading the characters’wand description and while I was contemplating to buy a wand…nothing spoke to me.  Well, mostly I got this strange feeling.  Why on earth would I purchase a fake witch’s wand? What would I do with such toy? I would rather have my rosary!  This took place around April or May in 2017 and just a few months later, I came across several catholic sources describing the danger of Harry Potter.  Since I’ve been back to the church after a 20-year absence, I felt and recognize the truth.  I then searched for every single book in my collection and the entire DVD movies.  All the dvd’s were scratched and destroyed and I made sure to rip off all the pages from the binding.  This included any sort of creepy or violent movie (even the “Kill Bill”movies – which I loved). Just thinking of other people finding preserved materials would eventually hurt them in the long run. Everything was thrown into the garbage and I sadly remember my mother telling me “You should have a least sold them for profit!”.  This BROKE MY HEART…that my good mother did not fully accept my decision, even after all the reasons provided.

Perhaps a week later my first spiritual physical attack took place. Within 3-4 minutes of going to bed, I felt a “jump”by my legs and I heard chains (similar to dog chains), huffing and puffing sounds.  I thought I must’ve fallen asleep.  I rolled to the other side of the bed fully awake and this time I heard the same sounds but my bed sheets were pulled!  The huffing and puffing never returned if my memory serves me right.  But new metal sounds emerged and nightmares persisted.  These occurrences along with my praying for spiritual purity confirmed my suspicions.  Until now, I have not related my experiences with my extended family.  They’re not mentally or spiritually ready I think. Eventually other life situations has led me to an increase of demonic attacks, specially praying for others. Dangers about yoga for instance and horror movies. If you remember, a few months ago I reached out to you about the demonic presence.  Don’t get me wrong I still struggle with avoiding some shows with improper jokes or scenes.  I too need spiritual polishing.

Anyhow, in the 6th Harry Potter novel, “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire”, the characters learn about the three so-called unforgivable curses from the Dark Arts.  Anyone using these sort of spells are automatically sent to Azkaban prison. One of those curses or spells, is called the“Imperius Curse”, which forces people to obey commands. I was only familiar with the word “Imperative”. There’s a book called “Manual for Spiritual Warfare”by Paul Thigpen.  I came across the description of exorcism prayers and I recognized the word “Imperative”.  In chapter 2, I read the following: “Imperative prayers, when spoken to demons, issue a direct summons, adjuration, or command to them”.

J.K. Rowland relies majorly on Latin words and after learning how she “borrowed”a Catholic prayer as an actual curse in the series is eye-opening (perhaps this is a long stretch in my belief).  She has a sneaky way to insert real life situations and occult tools.  Furthermore, in the first Harry Potter novel, Rowling actually stole the old folklore about mandrake plant being fatal to anyone that heard its cry.  In real life, the plant has been used in many occult rituals and in one Spanish tv show “Ministerios del Tiempo”(Ministers of Time – time traveling Spanish agents), the mandrake plant is used to manipulate a person. The perpetrators were actually part of a secret witchcraft cult.  The online information describes the plant to have some health properties; however, many Wiccans use it for their rituals. I keep thinking that is one thing to create a fantasy world, yet…Rowling focuses majorly on incantations & curses in EVERY SINGLE book.  There is an explicit step-by -step  instruction for every fake spell.  I don’t recall “The Lord of The Rings”to explicitly describe every Wizard or Elf’s spell.  

Many of the then younger Harry Potter actors have moved on to different media entertainment. Some, have participated in grotesque tv show/movies and many are pro-choice!  It  goes to show you that an open-minded environment can infiltrate your values. Others for example, real-life twins “James and Oliver Phelps”(who play the Weasley twins in the series), have focused on charity and volunteering events.  I do know they have moved on to theater plays and work of substance. James Phelps has actually done the voice narration for the documentary “Grave Injustice – The Naked Truth about the Shroud of Turin”.  Here’s the link to the film for not cost here.

From what I know of these young fellows, they do know and love Jesus Christ. Sadly, one of them has begun to practice yoga for health reasons.  I have hope that the Harry Potter actors that know and love Jesus Christ will eventually realize the truth sooner. I pray for everyone to learn the truth and deepen their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

In regard to the author…yes, she has donated her profits to charity and could perhaps be a good person without fully realizing the consequence of her actions. Perhaps she does believe in Jesus Christ, but maybe her faith is weak. In all honestly, I should pray harder for J.K. Rowling.

Thank you for working on the blog regarding Harry Potter.  It will take a long time for people to open their eyes. If you have any questions or need clarification, please let know.

God Bless you Father Dave.

Your Sister in Christ,