29 07, 2023

Marian Shrines of Europe

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Not that anyone has ever challenged me on this, so I don't know why I repeat myself on this, but my donors do not pay for my pilgrimages. When I go on a professionally led-pilgrimage, the other lay pilgrims pay the way of the priest. This is quite common in the Catholic world. But, as always, I do thank you my donors for all your generosity to me for my normal room and board and ministry. We still have some openings for a pilgrimage I will help lead to the Holy Land with Jesse Romero in October 2023. You can find details here. Dr. Taylor Marshall invited me to be [...]

27 07, 2023

The Most Destructive Line in the New Catechism

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Keep in mind as you read this blog post that the new Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) released in 1992 is not infallible.  There are significant errors in the CCC, including the constant flip-flopping of the death penalty as I discussed in yesterday's video.  In fact, Pope John Paul II never claimed it was infallible upon its release.  He simply said it was a "sure norm."  But he still released a highly-defective catechism. On the other hand, Pope Clement XIII said that the 16th century Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) contains "that teaching which is the common doctrine of the Church, from which all danger of doctrinal error is absent." [...]

25 07, 2023

QuickPod: The Opposite of Prepping

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Baptism is the only sacrament absolutely necessary to salvation. If you were put in a gulag for thought crimes against wokeness, would you be able to live without the sacraments? Many saints had to do just that, just like St. Maximilian Kolbe. Of course, I hope we all have the sacraments up to and including our own death beds. But if not, we need to practice living in sanctifying grace for the rest of our lives, even if we were to never meet another priest again.

25 07, 2023

“The Pill” Kills More Than Surgicals

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This post is not about the morning-after pill or RU-486. Rather, it is about the much more common form of birth control, frequently referred to as "The Pill."  We will be looking at all forms of Hormonal Birth Control (HBC) and combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptives (COC.)  How does HBC and COC work? WebMD explains the three methods in which most HBCs and COCs function: "Hormonal contraceptives (the pill, the patch, and the vaginal ring) all contain a small amount of estrogen and progestin hormones. These hormones inhibit your body's natural hormones to prevent pregnancy in a few ways. Hormonal contraceptives usually stop the body from ovulating. They also change the [...]

20 07, 2023

Pilgrimage as a Life of Penance

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It hath also seemed good to the holy Synod, to subjoin, to the preceding doctrine on penance, the following on the sacrament of Extreme Unction, which by the Fathers was regarded as being the completion, not only of penance, but also of the whole Christian life, which ought to be a perpetual penance.—Council of Trent, Chapter 14, On the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, Second Session. The key words I want to focus on from Trent above is that "the whole Christian life...ought to be a perpetual penance."  Why does this sound distasteful to even traditional Catholics? First, even good Catholics today tend to see Christianity through a post-Protestant-revolt lens.  One [...]

19 07, 2023

TCE 49: The Truth About Trafficking

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With "Sound of Freedom" now released, many people are excited to join the anti-trafficking movement. Here's some of the obstacles and miracles to expect in the long haul. Links: - Agape Int'l: https://aimfree.org/child-trafficking/ - Trafficked by her Dad: https://www.padreperegrino.org/2022/05/slavery1/ - Avodah collective recovery home: https://www.avodahcollective.org - Catholic Charities *themselves* found trafficking: https://youtu.be/-M0Lw_-Nik4 - Trafficking hotline: https://humantraffickinghotline.org/en/contact  

18 07, 2023

Remedies to Self-Centeredness in the Spiritual Life

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Many of you already know that the best remedy to self-centeredness in the spiritual life is to do the corporal works of mercy {to feed the hungry; to give drink to the thirsty; to clothe the naked; to harbor the harborless; to visit the sick; to ransom the captive; to bury the dead.} However, since many of you already know that, I want to discuss some other remedies in this post. When I was a charismatic before becoming a traditionalist, I was discerning a good group of Franciscans in the Bronx.  (I still consider them quite faithful and evangelical, so this isn't a now I've moved on blogpost.)   One [...]

15 07, 2023

Family Time in Alaska

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My brother in law, Luke, in an Alaska charter fisherman for four months a year. His boat is seen above. He takes clients to catch salmon and halibut in Southeast Alaska. His wife (my sister) goes up there with their five kids to overlap with him about three of those four months. The rest of the year, they live in Denver (as do I.)  The last time I was up there I was just a newly ordained priest. Luke and I were half-joking and half-serious how much simpler it was when I last visited around 2012. He and my sister had only one daughter. They had not yet had their [...]

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