28 02, 2023

What Happened to All the Good Priests?

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Several years ago I was at a dinner in Florida and a bunch of us were discussing Church history in the 20th century, especially the state of the priesthood.  It was a light-hearted discussion about the topic, "What happened to all the good priests in the 20th century?"  After typical answers for awhile, an older Polish gentleman chimed in, "Maybe they all died in the World Wars."  The levity departed from the room at the profundity of his answer.  Everyone got silent because he seemed to have said something unexpected, but accurate.  Even the man who said it seemed surprised at the potential accuracy that had just come out of [...]

27 02, 2023

VLX 128: Mt 21:6-11. “Hosanna in the Highest.”

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23 02, 2023

Upcoming Trial for a Necessity-Based Rescue

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I've been arrested twice in abortion centers, once in the picture above in New Jersey.  Our arrests with Red Rose Rescue are always for peacefully asking women not to kill their children.  The last of my two arrests was the summer of 2019.  Because of scamdemic lockdowns, the NJ justice system is only getting around to our trial now, in 2023.  That's almost four years late! Normally, I would not be facing prison time for a simple misdemeanor of trespassing in a killing-center.  However, the Department of Justice is now making an example of pro-lifers as seen in recent news.  LifeSite News also ran this story about me in 2019 that corresponds [...]

23 02, 2023

Hyper-Patriarchal and Hyper-Matriarchal Societies

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I recently watched a documentary on the Roman Empire.  What struck me about episode one is how masculine the pagan world used to be.   Demons seemed to have known who was in charge of that society, namely, men, so the sins were particularly male-based from the very start of the city of Rome: Fratricide, rape of the Sabine women (See above) and then, of course, centuries of conquering other nations. At the beginning of episode one, the documentary host reads a tombstone from about the 4th century BC where a certain "Scipio" boasts of how many hostages he took as a warrior. How did Christianity ever convert the Roman [...]

22 02, 2023

RCT 15: Jesus Our Lord

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The Roman Catechism of Trent p. 40-41. The Creed, Article II, Part D **** Important notification on the sacraments: https://www.padreperegrino.org/2023/02/suphospsacr/ https://rumble.com/v29y07k-rct-15-jesus-our-lord.html You can follow me gratis on Rumble and Telegram. You can donate here. Please pray for this upcoming NJ trial for my pro-life work here.

21 02, 2023

Superstition Before Hospital-Sacraments

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Catholic Church history reveals that during times of strong faith, superstition decreases.  Also, during times of weak-faith, superstition increase.  I believe modernist Catholics (not Medieval Catholics) are the most superstitious of all Catholics in history.  One proof of this how many Catholics took an experimental mRNA injection made from aborted babies just to keep death away.  (Even WaPo recently ran a story that those double-and-triple vaxxed were those still struggling with COVID-19, meaning it didn't even keep away the one bogeyman it promised to eschew.) But that is not the topic of today's blog post.  Today's blog is in regards to how most modernist Catholics approach the life-and-death sacraments with [...]

18 02, 2023

Quinquagesima Sunday Sermon

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Sunday Sermon Series (S1E11) *** -VLX 126 “Let Our Eyes Be Opened” at https://www.padreperegrino.org/2023/01/vlx126/ -Music bumpers gratis from https://benedictinesofmary.org
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17 02, 2023

The Shrewsbury Trial

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Red Rose Rescue (RRR) is the group of pro-lifers who peacefully try to convince women inside abortion centers not to kill their children. One reason I joined RRR is because they are among the only pro-lifers I know who not only have it in their head—but also their heart—that the unborn child is just as much a child as, say, a toddler or teenager.  If this doesn't make sense, please read this most recent trial, in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.   It may move you to tears how we (including me) have all missed the humanity of the unborn child  Even those of us in the pro-life movement have missed the [...]

16 02, 2023

Joe Biden, Symbol of Caper-Catholicism

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I normally despise blogs that start with a definition, but I'm going to break my rule for a definition here.  A Caper is defined an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.  This is why the name of this blog is "Joe Biden, Symbol of Caper-Catholicism."  Biden's version of Catholicism is an escapade.  Biden's election was illicit.  His fake-Presidency is ridiculous, full of blunders, gaffs and senility.  But probably over 50% of US Catholic priests and bishops voted for this man in 2020—thinking it was the "Catholic" thing to do. Unelected-President Joe Biden has also been a fake-Catholic for a long time.  But again, most clergy probably [...]

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