I normally despise blogs that start with a definition, but I’m going to break my rule for a definition here.  A Caper is defined an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.  This is why the name of this blog is “Joe Biden, Symbol of Caper-Catholicism.”  Biden’s version of Catholicism is an escapade.  Biden’s election was illicit.  His fake-Presidency is ridiculous, full of blunders, gaffs and senility.  But probably over 50% of US Catholic priests and bishops voted for this man in 2020—thinking it was the “Catholic” thing to do.

Unelected-President Joe Biden has also been a fake-Catholic for a long time.  But again, most clergy probably voted for him.  And the clergy normally lead lay people to heaven or hell.  So we need to evaluate some obvious topics after the last State of the Union address that guaranteed the continuation of pre-born child sacrifice and also threatened the 2nd amendment (our last stand against the communist coup we evaluated in my last blog post.)  Aspects of Joe Biden’s Caper-Catholicism include but are not limited to:

Double Talk in Heresy (eg when one is “personally” pro-life.)  Immediately following Roe v Wade in 1973, Joe Biden said, “I don’t like the decision. I think it went too far,” adding that a women don’t have “the sole right to say what should happen to her body” when carrying an unborn child.  But later, Biden admitted he didn’t have “a right to impose my view on the rest of society.”  So, he went on to help kill more people than Hitler did.  This is not an exaggeration, especially if you look at how many children the Democrats have killed in this country.  In other words, Joe Biden is “personally pro-life” but can’t let his beliefs get in the way of his politics.  Of course, he has no such “pro-life beliefs.”  It’s all a lie.  It’s as silly as believing a white Southern Baptist saying 150 years ago something like, “My Bible makes me personally against lynching black people, but as a mayor in the South, I can’t let that book stand in the way of white slave-owners needing to make their own decisions.”

Communism.  Joe Biden has so much dementia that he is clearly not the one running the show.  Is it China?  Is it Obama?  I don’t know.  Still, Biden is a willing-puppet of a communist regime.  He even has political opponents in solitary confinement as I wrote about in my last blog here.  The FBI is nothing more than Biden’s secret police.   Keep in mind that communism is not primarily economic, but the attempt to have the State supersede the right of God in any country, usually through illegal or violent means.  This is exactly how Biden arrived in the White House in 2021 (with a military coup I also delved into in the above-linked post), and that is exactly what he spoke about in his recent February 2023 State of the Union Address:  Decreased Rights of individuals and increased rights of a leftist government—all under pretext of fighting “racism.”  (My African-American Catholic friend David Gray has a medley of man of the racist things Joe Biden said on his YouTube channel.)

Why does this concern a Catholic priest like me?   Remember that of all the political regimes Our Lady of Fatima could have warned against in 1917, it was communism that she insisted would lead the most souls and nations to destruction.  Fast-forward 100 years:  Although most vote-counts in 2020 were clearly invalid, I would not be surprised to find out one day that most US Catholic clergy (bishops, deacons and priests) did indeed validly-vote for that communist Catholic puppet-dictator named Joe Biden.  This disaster shows the entire state of the US Catholic Church:  We live in direct opposition to Our Lady of Fatima who warned us how to avoid hell.

Forgetful:  There’s no need spilling much ink on Biden’s dementia here on this site.  But his forgetfulness is a reflection of the Patriotism and the Catholicism that once help built this country.  I realize man of the Founding Fathers were freemasons.  I realize the hard history of what Catholics suffered in this country under persecution. (My mothers four grandparents all came from Ireland.)  But for most of the history of this country, most Catholics believed in the building up of traditional Catholicism, of the building up of great Cathedrals, of the building up of families of this once-great nation.  But following the 1960s, the project of creation has been turned into a project of destruction—both theologically and liturgically.  It is no wonder that the pro-abortion Biden loves the Novus Ordo and is a welcome guest to receive Holy Communion under the Notorious B.O.G‘s Vatican.

Corruptio Optimi Pessima. Corruptio optimi pessima is a Latin phrase meaning, “corruption of the best becomes the worst.”  Imagine a “Catholic” father from the East Coast who would take showers with his little daughter over 40 years ago when “times were better.”  That is exactly what Joe Biden’s daughter has claimed in her journal.  And that is why she says she has so many problems in her now-adult life.   How did Catholic laymen fall so hard in this country?  How do most Catholics turn a blind eye to the fact that the Democratic party is the party of child-sex slavery and Epstein island visits, including many so-called “Catholics” taking part in sexual child-abuse?  There are many answers to this corruption, but one answer is that laymen always follow the spiritual lead of their priests.  Something happened in the 20th century that removed the best priests and replaced them with the worst.  More coming on that in a future blog post…

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