If you watch me on YouTube, I would encourage you to subscribe to my videos on Rumble instead. This is because YouTube keeps removing videos and giving me “strikes” for everything from “vaccine misinformation” to “election misinformation,” even punishing me for videos that have been public for over a year.

Rumble is a smaller platform, but it has no liberal-censorship on the above-listed topics. The only advantage I see to following me on YouTube anymore is that you can do “playlists,” meaning you can watch my VLX from start-to-finish or my CPX from start-to-finish or my TCE from start-to-finish. Otherwise, I would suggest if you watch my videos, follow me on Rumble or even BitChute (another backup forum I have to YouTube.)

Or, if you like audio-only, please know that almost all my videos have the exact same audio as my podcasts have on audio.  All these podcasts you can find on your Android/Samsung by getting a free app like “Overcast” or “CastApp.” Or, if you have an iPhone like me, you can easily listen to all my videos on its podcast-version at Padre Peregrino on Apple.

Please do not be surprised if I am eventually removed entirely from YouTube. They have dialed-up their censorship of conservatives just  as Twitter has dialed-down their censorship of conservatives (and dialed up their censorship against child p*rn dealers.)  Also, the FBI claims that they have walked-back their threats against traditional Catholics since my last blog here on that topic, but I am not so sure my recent strike on YouTube this weekend (for a year-old video I did with Mike, my Navy SEAL friend!) is a coincidence.  I will keep my YouTube channel populated with videos as long as I am not kicked-off their platform.  But, again, as that day might be coming, I suggest you subscribe to Rumble or BitChute if you actually enjoy my teaching material.

Keep in mind that on all of the above forums (from YouTube to Apple) I maintain my production for you with no ads, no Patreon and no Premium memberships. You’ll also never see ads—neither pop-ups nor advertisements for Catholic products on this website here.  I’m not against people who occasionally do that, but I’m extremely thankful to all you my donors for letting me keep all my catechesis gratis for rich and poor, as well as clear from immodest ads for all.

(Also, I’m moving away from Facebook and posting more frequently on Telegram.  Just open that link, and then click “join” to “Padre Peregrino.”)