29 01, 2022

How To Assist Someone in Making an Act of Perfect Contrition

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Under all these continued lockdowns, I believe the below video might be the most underrated thing on YouTube.  It's Fr. Philip Wolfe FSSP describing how to assist someone in making an act of perfect contrition.  Most people would find it quite a show-stopper to learn that the Catholic Church teaches that a person dying in original sin (like a Muslim or Jew) or a person in mortal sin (like a Catholic who has not been to confession in a decade) can still be saved by God with only a layman at his deathbed!   It is so important as more priests and sacraments are cancelled and as hospitals double-down on [...]

27 01, 2022

If Evolution is True, We’re Just Walking Meat-Sacks

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If evolution is true (directed by God or not) then why do modernist Catholics speak so much of "human dignity"?  Human dignity shouldn't be "a thing" if we're descended from apes. Yet most of the modern Popes and Cardinals and bishops for the past 50 years have promoted a directed evolution (an evolution directed by God) while paradoxically pushing "human dignity" with barely any references to Divine Revelation. I think modernists truly believe both in evolution and "human-dignity," but they also seem to think this is a strategic approach to evangelization: If we talk about science and humans, we'll win the smart, young people.  Unfortunately, the stats show the opposite: Countless [...]

20 01, 2022

The Greatest Subjective Threat vs. Objective Threat to the West

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The greatest subjective threat to America is "White Supremacists." Of course, White Supremacy is objectively a horrible thing.  But by my math, probably only about 0.003% of Americans are actually "White Supremacists."  So when unelected President Joe Biden says such people are the greatest threat of domestic terrorism to the USA, he's just gaslighting conservatives after the communist coup of 2020 that placed him as a puppet-ruler.  This way, anyone who doesn't go along with his stylish tyrannical groupthink can be labeled a "White Supremacist." On the other hand, the greatest objective threat to America (and the entire world) is Marxist Materialism.   Unfortunately, Marxist Materialists probably comprise about 50% of [...]

19 01, 2022

CPX 98: The 6th and 9th Commandments

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-Catechism of Pope St. Pius X (CPX) p.123-124 Q/A 1-8 *** "Sometimes we are caught off guard by certain symptoms of pleasure immediately following a temptation. At most, this can only be a very slight venial sin. However, it becomes greater if, after we perceived the evil that has befallen us, we carelessly delay for some time and dally with the pleasure to decide whether we ought to allow or reject it. The sin becomes still greater, if, after becoming aware of the pleasure, we dwell on it for some time through downright negligence and without any determination to reject it. When we voluntarily and with full deliberation resolve to [...]

18 01, 2022

“The Saving of Many Lives.”—Genesis 50:20

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You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.—Gen 50:20 NIV A friend recently described to me that her narcissistic mother-in-law was the "victim and hero" of every story she told.  I thought that was both hilarious and accurate in the description of what Miss Ann Barnhardt might call a "diabolical narcissist."  Remember, a narcissist is one not concerned as much with looks as with control, manipulation and gas-lighting. So, I'm very hesitant to write a blog post that could come anywhere close to the edge of the cliff of being both "victim and hero" but [...]

18 01, 2022

A Challenge to My Protestant Friends

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p/c Michele Falzone, Colosseum at Sunrise I know that most evangelical "non-dommers" do not like the term "Protestant" anymore, but even National Geographic will place Christians who confess the Trinity into one of three categories:  Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant.  So, for the sake of brevity (and accuracy) I'm going to conglomerate under the title Protestant all of these: {emergent-Church folks, Mega-Church folks, Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, evangelicals, Methodists, etc., etc.} With more and more Protestants following me on Twitter (especially evangelicals) and more and more Catholics attacking me on Twitter (especially liberal ones) I really don't like to write blog posts against Protestants anymore, considering I now have more in common with [...]

13 01, 2022

Unmasking More Lies About Alana Chen

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Above is The Denver Post's picture of Ms. Joyce Calvo-Chen In December 2019, a young woman named Miss Alana Chen (see picture far below) was found dead at age 24 and Boulder County, Colorado ruled it a suicide. Her mother, Ms. Joyce Calvo-Chen (see featured image at top) immediately pinned it on the past counseling of two diocesan priests (including myself) and two religious sisters. This was despite the fact I had not seen Alana for three years before her death.  This was despite the fact that I was a priest at Joyce and Alana's Boulder parish from 2010-2011—a full nine years before Alana's death.  At her death, I blogged [...]

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