The greatest subjective threat to America is “White Supremacists.” Of course, White Supremacy is objectively a horrible thing.  But by my math, probably only about 0.003% of Americans are actually “White Supremacists.”  So when unelected President Joe Biden says such people are the greatest threat of domestic terrorism to the USA, he’s just gaslighting conservatives after the communist coup of 2020 that placed him as a puppet-ruler.  This way, anyone who doesn’t go along with his stylish tyrannical groupthink can be labeled a “White Supremacist.”

On the other hand, the greatest objective threat to America (and the entire world) is Marxist Materialism.   Unfortunately, Marxist Materialists probably comprise about 50% of the US population, even if they don’t know the definition of either word.  In this blog post we’re going to look at why every Christian needs to learn the definition of Marxist Materialist and why he must do his best to convert them.

Remember that “materialism” is not so much the sin of greed as much as it is the denial of the invisible.  If not fully atheistic, it’s at least moral therapeutic deism, void of anything transcendent.  Because it places emotional ideologies above the truth, it will lie in order to make converts without any fear of consequences—temporal or eternal.  Our Lady at Fatima warned of these “errors of Russia” not because she saw the land of Russia as particularly bad, but because Marxism (which broke out in 1917 in Russia—the same year as the apparitions of Fatima) definitively placed the notion that God-Guides-Man with State-Guides-Man.

When I repeatedly use the term “health communism” in my blogs and podcasts, I’m not ripping on something as trite as socialized medicine.  I’m saying most Americans have gone along with the government replacing the notion of God-Guides-Man with State-Guides-Man under the current pretext of health, not economics like what happened in Russia 100 years ago.  I’m actually saying we have entered a new era of idolatry beginning in 2020 that will affect many people’s salvation.  In fact, this “Health Communism” is worse than Russians’ “Economic Communism” because back then, the Russians knew the government was lying to them.  Nowadays, Americans live under what that professor in Belgium called “Mass Formation Psychosis” but could also be called the darker terms of  “hypnosis” or “spell.” The left actually believes the government on the COVID-19 solutions.  Imagine 50%-80% of the world living under this “spell.”  It is truly a new religion—or better—a superstition that has hypnotized half the world.  Like all Marxism, Health-Marxism demands total religious obedience with full ridiculous rituals that have no basis in true science or true religion.

I recently listened to a podcast by Ann Barnhardt that she did with her normal co-hosts like Nurse Claire, but this time they had on a woman named Julie from Christendom College who linked all of the Regeneron monoclonal antibodies to humanized-mice.  In this podcast, they then posited the horrifying thesis that the goal of Satan himself is not only to get as many people on the planet injected with aborted babies at this Scamdemic, but his infernal goal is to taint all of medicine in every country with medicines from tortured children for the next health crisis they create so that every single person on the planet is walking around with aborted babies in their bodies.  (The only thing I add to this is that this mission was nearly accomplished in vaccinating all of us—including me—with the MMR vaccines as a child.)

Now, I know my enemies will say this blog of mine is claiming that taking the “vaccine” is as bad as lynching someone or putting someone in a gas-chamber.  I am actually not saying that.  But I am saying the regime behind the COVID-19 front is as bad as the Third Reich.

Thankfully, God is allowing not only the supernatural veil to be pulled back on this level of evil, but even the natural veil has been pulled back.  One example is that The Stream recently reported that half a million Frenchmen will lose access to their “Health Pass” for failing to get their next set of boosters.  In other words, a French man or woman not three-times “vaccinated” gets no “Covid-pass.”  See how this works?  Fauci and Gates desire not only the “unvaxxed” to live without any human rights.  They want everyone to live without human rights.  The French are losing their rights if they don’t line up like cattle for their next set of “boosters” that synergistically weaken the immune system (exponentially worse at every shot because of the spike-proteins, just as Dr. McCullough explained on Joe Rogan’s podcast.)

If you are just waking up to all of this, please don’t be afraid to switch course mid-stream.  We really are only mid-stream in all of this madness.  Nobody on “the right” will condemn you if you apologize for having believed up to this point the health-tyrants of the world.  We will all welcome you with open arms because this was a learning curve for all of us.  For example, in March 2020, I put on social media that I thought this “pandemic” was going big.  A month later, I apologized and 98% of my followers on social media forgave me.  Or another more shameful example of something I had to retract:  Three years ago this month just after the March For Life, I (new to Twitter) briefly tweeted something against Nicholas Sandmann (the Covington Catholic High School kid who was falsely accused of mocking a Native American at the March for Life.)  It turns out Sandmann was completely innocent of any racist actions and won a $275M settlement against NBC and untold more millions against CNN and WaPo for libel, slander and defamation.

For my part, I want to heartily apologize to Nicholas for even briefly tweeting something about him being racist three years ago.  I have sense learned what it’s like to be falsely accused on Twitter based on one bad apple making false-accusations as I blogged about recently here.  I am sure each one of the people who jumped on that Twitter bandwagon against me also endangers his own soul and must make public reparation to me if he wishes to be saved, even if he blindly followed a mob-mentality.   Similarly, I fully apologize and I retract anything negative I said about Nicholas Sandmann three years ago, even though I’m 99% sure I publicly-retracted that single tweet with a correction tweet within 24 hours.  I will never believe the media again, especially on their claims of who is “racist.”

In any case, if you are still hypnotized by dark forces into thinking that globalists like Fauci have your best in mind, then I beg you to make Christ the absolute center of your life.  Only He can dispel this darkness.  Only the light of Christ can eradicate what Sr. Lucy of Fatima would later describe as “diabolical disorientation.”  And this “diabolical disorientation” has recently become a full “diabolical inversion” where the left is now denying not only religion but even science on the outcomes of this death-injection.  Communism is the very thing that Mary warned about when she showed the flames of hell to the children, probably because it would affect many more souls than racism or Nazism.  (Communism killed 14x the amount of people as Nazism… even before Fauci and Gates came on-scene.)  Thus, this stuff will truly affect your salvation.  (And remember Planned Parenthood kills mostly minorities, so this shows that “Health Communism” continues to target more minorities than the Nazis did.)

Imagine the zeal the left would have for our country if they found 50% of our country were actually Nazis or White Supremacists or secret members of the KKK—burning crosses in peoples’ lawns.  They would not convert them.  They would want them dead.  Of course, we Christians respond differently.  So imagine “the left” in America were actually Christians (or actually believed in anything transcendent—as in anything more than moral therapeutic deism.) What would they do if they actually had faith or hope or charity?  They would certainly convince us that our salvation “on the right” was in danger for being “White Supremacists” or “Klan members.”  As well they should!  Nazis and the KKK are obviously horrible organizations that have murdered many, many people under racist philosophies.

But shouldn’t we “on the right” be extremely charitable to the rest of the world who is literally sacrificing their bodies and souls on the health-altar of aborted-babies by starting to convince them to turn from Health Communism to Christ and His Church?  Shouldn’t we have as much zeal for the truths of God as the left has for this current hypnosis under demons?  Maybe that’s why we’re in this mess.  Maybe we are in this mess because so few of us on the right will stand up for these obvious truths and care for the souls of our brothers and sisters who live under a diabolical spell.