A Catholic lawyer I know recently wrote a religious exemption that I found to be short and strong that I wish to share below.  Each employee will need to personalize their letter based on the specific job.  Keep in mind that your employer is not necessarily required to give anyone an exemption, but they should at least consider the request and work with you.  The below form is not legal advice.  It is only a form letter with some interesting new suggestions that individual Christians may want to consider.  Every employee’s job, personal conscience, and situation is going to be different.  If you need specific advice about your situation, then you should contact an a lawyer in your state or country who is familiar with employment discrimination law.  Furthermore, you should contact your own local priest or pastor for his appraisal of the following, too, before his signing, of course.


I am writing to request an exemption from the [Company name] policy requiring mandatory COVID mRNA injections pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and any other applicable state law.

The basis of this request is that as an active and practicing Roman Catholic as well as someone who sincerely opposes the practice of abortion and involuntary/forced medical treatment, I cannot in good conscience participate or materially cooperate from a moral standpoint in any way with this new policy.

It is undisputed that all COVID “vaccines” currently on the market either were directly manufactured or tested using aborted baby fetal cell lines. Nor can it be ignored that VAERS data demonstrates reports of serious injuries and death resulting from these medications, that those who receive the injections can still get COVID, and that those who get the injection can still spread COVID.

While the company may choose to put its employees’ health at risk and subject itself to potential legal liability for “vaccine” injuries, I simply cannot morally justify participating or cooperating in any way with a policy designed to inject as many people as possible with these mRNA medications.

Because I cannot in good conscience comply with this policy, I am proposing as a reasonable accommodation… [propose a suggested accommodation based on what makes sense for your job such as working remotely, social distancing from others in an office, or some other “accommodation” tailored to your particular job that you are comfortable with.]

Please see the attached letter from ____, which I am including as part of my request. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.


X                                        (Employee)

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X                                       (Priest or pastor)

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You can also download this new PDF Exemption or ExemptionShort.