Recently, I heard a middle-aged exorcist give a talk about how all the elderly exorcists in the world agree that something happened in 1963 that tanked the power of the Church in exorcisms.  The middle-aged exorcist did not say what this event was.  I asked his friend, and his friend suspected it was this event that happened in 1963, reported even [barely] by Wikipedia:  “Windswept House describes a satanic ritual – the enthronement of Lucifer – taking place at Saint-Paul’s Chapel inside Vatican City, on June 29, 1963. The book gives a depiction of high-ranking churchmen, cardinals, archbishops and prelatees of the Roman curia, taking oaths signed with their own blood, plotting to destroy the Church from within. It tells the story of an international organized attempt by these Vatican insiders and secular internationalists to force a pope of the Catholic Church to abdicate, so that a successor may be chosen that will fundamentally change orthodox faith and establish a New World Order.”

The website Tradition in Action reports (with the above photo credit belonging to them describing this event) that “On October 20, 2019, at the Catacombs of St. Domitilla in Rome, 40 Bishops attending the Amazon Synod signed a commitment to transform the Catholic Church into a Church with an ‘Amazonian face.’ The full name of the signed document is: Pact of the Catacombs for the Common House – For a Church with an Amazonian face, poor & servant, prophetic & Samaritan.”  This mini catacombs-event was modeled on The Catacombs Pact of 1965 where the aforementioned website reads, “On November 16, 1965, close to the end of Vatican II, around 40 conciliar Bishops met at the Catacombs of St. Domitila to sign a semi-secret pact intended to do away with the richness, pomp, and ceremony in the Catholic Church. The names of the Bishops present are not known. ”

The full title of that secret pact is The Catacomb Pact Against Pomp and Ceremony in the Church.  Does this have anything to do with the recent global crackdown on the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM)?  If we believe that blessings are efficacious, then should we not also believe that curses are efficacious?  Especially those made by bishops of the Catholic Church.  How ironic that the social justice warriors who liked the notion of the catacombs sent their own enemies in the Church (the traditionalists) into the Catacombs!

The Catacombs Pact of 1965 includes the attempt at reducing both personal and liturgical accoutrements:

We, Bishops meeting at Vatican Council II, being aware of the deficiencies of our life of poverty according to the Gospel, encouraged by one another in this initiative in which each one wants to avoid singularity and presumption [that is to say, each one wants to be anonymous], …. commit ourselves to the following:

1. Regarding housing, food and means of transportation and everything concerning these things, we will seek to live in accordance with the common average level of our people.

2. We renounce forever wealth and its appearance, especially in clothing (expensive materials and brilliant colors), and insignia of precious metals (such things should, in effect, be evangelical).

3. We will not possess either movable or immovable properties, or bank accounts in our names. If it is necessary to possess some property we will place it under the name of our diocese or other social or charitable works.

Interesting, then, that LifeSite News reports so many decades later here that, “Chinese dissident Guo Wengui claims that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘allocates up to $2 billion a year’ to buy the Vatican’s silence concerning the ongoing persecution of the Catholic Church in China and other human rights abuses.”   (Yes, you read that correctly:  Not $2 million, but $2 billion from the CCP to the Vatican every year since 2014.)  Interesting also that LifeSite News reports here that “Vatican financial bodies have transferred a staggering $1.7 billion (AUS $2.3 billion) to Australia between 2014 and 2020, a report in The Australian documented yesterday. The country’s bishops were seemingly unaware of the transactions involving the huge sums of cash.”

It can cost a lot to live in poverty!  But, in reality, it will be the traditionalists headed to the catacombs, again.