29 08, 2021

Ramping Up for a Global Scapegoating

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A Bloomberg article titled Previous Covid Prevents Delta Infection Better Than Pfizer Shot reads, "People given both doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were almost six-fold more likely to contract a delta infection and seven-fold more likely to have symptomatic disease than those who recovered."  Mercury News also reports that a team at UCSF "found that 78% of infections in fully vaccinated people among the study were caused by variants with these mutations, compared to 48% of the cases among unvaccinated people, who remained an easier target for earlier generations of the virus. Overall, the proportion of cases linked to these variants more than doubled between February and June” of 2021. This tenured Navy surgeon [...]

25 08, 2021

Why the Covid-Jab Will Probably Kill You

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N.B. The opinions and views expressed at or through this website are the opinions of the author and do not reflect the opinions or views of any other individual or the opinions or views of any organization whatsoever, although it is hoped they are entirely faithful to and consistent with Church teaching. Yesterday, I put this on Facebook a post that included the sentence "if you took the Coronavirus-19 'vaccine' you will probably be dead in two years."    There were hundreds of comments to my Facebook post.  Most were in favor of what I wrote.  Some were very angry that I said the jab would kill people. (One microbiologist [...]

24 08, 2021

Another Good Priest Threatened with the Funny-Farm

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p/c Catholic News Agency of Fr. Sixto Eduardo Varela Santamaría of Costa Rica Catholic News Agency reports: ACI Prensa, the Spanish sister news agency of CNA, confirmed that the Diocese of Alajuela, in the Northern region of Costa Rica, ordered Fr. Sixto Eduardo Varela Santamaría to be suspended from all ministries for six months, and will be sent to a psychological treatment clinic for celebrating in Latin the Mass of the Missal of Pope Paul VI, also known as the Ordinary Form or "Novus Ordo."  In a statement issued on behalf of the Bishop of Alajuela, Bartolomé Buigues Oller, Fr. Luis Hernández Solís, director of communications, explained that Fr. Varela Santamaría [...]

21 08, 2021

Life Update 2021.08.21

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The above is the renewal of my rule of life under the Archdiocese of Denver from 26 July 2021 to 30 June 2024.  I blurred out my chancery's seal so as to prevent online hackers from copying it.  But more interesting:  Notice that first date in reference to the life of the Latin Mass world in the Church. Now, some people ask me: Why does a hermit maintain some external apostolates?  Isn't this more the life of a monk-missionary than a hermit?  Yes.  But I give two reasons here: 1) I struggle with insomnia, I may do my several hours of prayer one day at a different time from the [...]

21 08, 2021

Chestplate of St. Patrick (Full Prayer)

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This is the full "Lorica of St. Patrick" prayer and it's the only deliverance prayer I do every day.  It's worth saving on your note-app or printing: I bind myself today to a strong power, an invocation of the Trinity. I believe in a Threeness, with confession of a Oneness in the Creator of the Universe. I bind myself today to the power of Christ's birth with His baptism, to the power of His crucifixion with His burial, to the power of His resurrection with His ascension, to the power of His coming in the Judgment of Doom. I bind myself today to the power of the ranks of Cherubim, in obedience of Angels, in service [...]

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