27 11, 2019

Why “The Young Pope” Had To Be North American

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Despite what I’m going to write here, I would dissuade any readers from watching anything on HBO. It’s a very lewd channel and I don’t want to go to Purgatory for extra time for you watching The Young Pope or anything else on that channel on my account. What I put together below came after talking to friends and researching the episodes. The Young Pope was a TV drama series produced in Europe in 2016. When the liberal Pope dies, a controversial and conservative young prelate named “Lenny"(Jude Law) from the U.S. is elected to the throne of Peter.  He takes the name of Pope Pius XIII. His rallying reform [...]

22 11, 2019

New Age “Catholics” Part 2

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In today's podcast, Kelly Nieto discusses her conversion from New Age to Catholicism.  The featured image on the blog is a picture I took of Indian "dreamcatchers" placed by the Amazon Synod folks into the Church of Santa Maria Transpontina in Rome last month.  Notice the diabolical-looking garment next to the basket.

20 11, 2019

Mail Policy

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Dear Friends, Ave Maria!  For mail correspondence with me, I humbly ask two things: No packages.  This is because my PO box in downtown Denver is #1445 in the picture above.  As you can see, no packages can fit in that, and if the USPS tries to jam packages in there, there is a chance that other mail to be will be rejected. I won't be taking Mass stipends.  Mass stipends, as most of you know, are money to offer Mass.  Besides the fact that a Mass stipend is no longer enough for a priest to make a living on, this policy also allows me to take Mass requests from [...]

19 11, 2019

The Steeling of Adversity in a Church Crisis

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The 2016 New York Times Bestselling book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging was recently discussed by the author Sebastian Junger on a podcast by another host. Neither the host nor his guest, Yunger, have a Christian worldview, but they both said something very profound to Catholic men out there "who have ears to hear." Junger described on the podcast (and in his book) that when the Nazis bombed London in the early 1940s, the British banded together in fire brigades to put out the fires; they slept shoulder-to-shoulder in the tube; they found meaning and camaraderie in pulling the living and the dead out of the rubble amidst 30,000 deaths. [...]

15 11, 2019

The Eastern Catholic Churches and St. Josaphat

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Today's podcast is a private and elongated re-do of a public sermon I gave today at a TLM parish in Texas.   I speak about the Eastern Catholic Churches, the Orthodox and the martyrdom of St. Josaphat who died for the unity between the two.  See map of Catholic Churches on blog below:

7 11, 2019

40 “Smaller” Heresies of Modernism

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Many Catholics studying the current crisis in the Church have become numb to the definition of Pope Saint Pius X that modernism is "the synthesis of all heresies." Some may think "synthesis of all heresies" is an amorphous problem of general doctrinal malaise.  Others might classify it as a paranoid papal prophesy that never really materialized for the good-willed but jumpy Pope. But what has been astonishing to me lately is that I keep seeing that I learned everything, yes, quite literally everything, while growing up in Catholic grade school, high school and even seminary—wrong.  I don't mean just liturgical issues.  I mean the seemingly-smaller issues of Catholic doctrine are all turning [...]

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