Dear Friends,

Ave Maria!  For mail correspondence with me, I humbly ask two things:

  1. No packages.  This is because my PO box in downtown Denver is #1445 in the picture above.  As you can see, no packages can fit in that, and if the USPS tries to jam packages in there, there is a chance that other mail to be will be rejected.
  2. I won’t be taking Mass stipends.  Mass stipends, as most of you know, are money to offer Mass.  Besides the fact that a Mass stipend is no longer enough for a priest to make a living on, this policy also allows me to take Mass requests from the poor who can not donate, just as much as from the rich who may donate to me.  Thus, I can occasionally offer Masses for donors, but a request has to be totally unattached to a check.

Thank you for understanding!

Checks, letters and prayer requests can all be sent to:
Fr. David Nix
Peregrino Hermitage Ltd.
PO Box 1445
Denver CO 80201

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. David Nix