28 01, 2018

The Birth Control Podcast

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Please do not let anyone who has not yet heard the “birds and the bees” listen to this podcast. It is about the medical effects of the birth control pill that I’m reposting from  a recent radio interview that I did.  I'm traveling this weekend, so only this Sunday will be a repost from another podcast channel. Our radio show tonight on birth control methods references several modern medical studies, including those I linked here, here, here and here.

23 01, 2018

St. Mary of Egypt (Written Text)

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Here, I’m sharing what I believe to be the greatest ancient account of God’s forgiveness and transformative mercy. It is about a female sex-addict become a canonized saint, St. Mary of Egypt, and it is my favorite short biography of any saint outside the Bible. The following events are promised to be true by its author, St. Zosima. His account takes place in the 4th century, in the deserts of both Egypt and Jordan... The Life of Our Holy Mother, St Mary of Egypt By St Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem, 4th century "It is good to hide the secret of a king, but it is glorious to reveal and preach the [...]

14 01, 2018

Wedding Feast of Cana in the Old Testament

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This sermon was given on the Second Sunday after Epiphany, 2018.  The featured picture on the blog for this sermon is from a stained glass window at my basilica of residence downtown. A continued thanks for the music-bumpers of my sermons to the holy nuns of Ephesus.

12 01, 2018

Doctrine: Why We Can’t Crack

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A young priest with whom I was once a seminarian is now on Facebook like me. About a year ago, he posted the account of how he asked an old priest if young priests would save the Church. The old priest said “No, Jesus will save His Church,” or something like that. Of course, this post had a ton of “likes.” For one, it seemed so humble for a young priest to admit that we young priests would not “save” the Church. Secondly, it tapped our modern Catholic desire to prove to Protestants that we only look to for Jesus for salvation. Both are true, and I have no problem [...]

9 01, 2018

The Priest and Our Lady

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I was staring at the Eucharist in my private chapel, and I marvelled at how the Eucharist came from me. And the Eucharist is Jesus. And Jesus is God. So...God came from me? I immediately knew there was something wrong about in my thinking. It was this: The Eucharist did not come from me. The best preposition is probably “through.” That is, the Eucharist came through me. The Catholic Church uses the verb to confect as seen in Canon Law: "Can. 900 §1. The minister who is able to confect the sacrament of the Eucharist in the person of Christ is a validly ordained priest alone.” This verb comes from [...]

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