28 11, 2015

10 Last Things

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The Four Last Things refer to death, judgment, heaven and hell.  The 10 Last Things as a phrase does not exist,  but all are found in Scripture and Tradition.  Remember, Advent (starting tonight) is the time to prepare not only for Christ's first coming, but also His second coming. So, when is Jesus coming back to earth? The answer:  At the end of the world. When is the end of the world? Jesus said, “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”—Mt 25:13. A theologian of Scripture here in the USA said he believes one reason why so many men have left the Catholic faith for Protestantism is because the Catholic [...]

27 11, 2015

Reparation Appeal

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This Spanish "artist," named Abel Azcona, stole 242 consecrated Eucharistic hosts from various Masses, and has put the body and blood of Jesus in a blasphemous art display in Pamplona.  The full story is here, but I would ask anyone who reads about this to offer your meatless-Friday or a Holy Hour before the Tabernacle in reparation for such unspeakable crimes against Jesus. The bishop in Spain denounced it, but once again we see that Holy Communion in the Hand (and/or without kneeling) leads to yet more and more blasphemies and sacrileges in the Mass.  Of course, the Traditional Latin Mass has no such option, but bishops and pastors in the Novus [...]

26 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Homily

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This is a 10 minute Thanksgiving Homily from today.  It ties Jewish sacrificial meals to the Holy Mass.  It also ties a little of the history of Israel to a bit of modern history in the United States, and how we thank God in the darkness.

24 11, 2015

St. John of the Cross and The Buddha

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The above picture is a remake of the spiritual life as drawn and described by the greatest ascetical theologian of the past millennium, St. John of the Cross. St. John of the Cross was a 16th century Carmelite whose feast day we celebrate today in the TLM (a couple weeks out in the new calendar.) If you look at that picture (which is hard to see but phenomenal if you can expand it) you will see that the man or woman who sets out to seek God is called to a narrow path that not only despises any earthly attachments that prevent union with God, but also despises any self-centered [...]

20 11, 2015

Christianity vs. Islam

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Today's feast honors St. Felix of Valois, a 13th century saint who gave himself to be the ransom (replacement) of Christians taken hostage by Muslims.  At Mass tonight, I preached my sermon on St. Felix and the theology of both Christianity and Islam.

20 11, 2015

St. Joseph’s Education

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St. Joseph, late one night is talking to Mary, amazed at something that Jesus, their five year old, now asleep, said during the day. Over candlelight at table, Joseph shares his bewilderment. “Who is this child?” he asks… “a soon to be prophet?” Mary's eyes well up at what she's known for some time now. “Yes, and greater,” she gently replies. “Greater? You mean like the Messiah, God's chosen one?” Joseph trembles. Mary smiles with tears coming down her face. “Yes.” She replies quietly but strongly. “And more.” “Greater still?” asks Joseph. “Who could be except Adonai, the Almighty One Himself?” Mary lets out a half-cry, half-laugh lasting only a [...]

18 11, 2015

Testimonio De Gloria Polo

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La Dra. Gloria Polo y su sobrino se apresuraban bajo la lluvia compartiendo un pequeño paraguas.... De repente les cae un rayo. "Nos dejó carbonizados; mi sobrino fallece allí". A ella le destruye el cuerpo... "Me quema de forma espantosa todo mi cuerpo, por fuera y por dentro. Esto que ven aquí, este cuerpo reconstruido, es misericordia de nuestro Señor. (El rayo) me carboniza, me deja sin senos, prácticamente se me desaparece toda mi carne y mis costillas; el vientre, las piernas... sale el rayo por el pie derecho, se me carboniza el hígado, se me queman los riñones, los pulmones". Según su testimonio, ella era una mujer dominada por [...]

14 11, 2015

Paris Attacks

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I'm about to go offer Mass for the 150+ victims of the Paris terror attack that has been claimed by ISIS.  The last time France has seen this much violence (besides abortion) was the French Revolution.  How unbelievably insensitive, then, of President Obama to quote the three key words of the French Revolution as the common source of resistance against terrorism: "We are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liberté, egalité, fraternité are not just the values French people share, but we share."—President Obama, 13 November 2015 So, if it's true that the last time France saw this many murders was the French Revolution, then why has Obama quoted [...]

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