St. Joseph, late one night is talking to Mary, amazed at something that Jesus, their five year old, now asleep, said during the day. Over candlelight at table, Joseph shares his bewilderment. “Who is this child?” he asks… “a soon to be prophet?” Mary’s eyes well up at what she’s known for some time now. “Yes, and greater,” she gently replies. “Greater? You mean like the Messiah, God’s chosen one?” Joseph trembles. Mary smiles with tears coming down her face. “Yes.” She replies quietly but strongly. “And more.” “Greater still?” asks Joseph. “Who could be except Adonai, the Almighty One Himself?” Mary lets out a half-cry, half-laugh lasting only a half-second. She looks at Joseph, smiling, with tears now pouring down her face. “God Himself?” whispers Joseph. Mary lovingly gazes into her most chaste husband’s eyes.