This Spanish “artist,” named Abel Azcona, stole 242 consecrated Eucharistic hosts from various Masses, and has put the body and blood of Jesus in a blasphemous art display in Pamplona.  The full story is here, but I would ask anyone who reads about this to offer your meatless-Friday or a Holy Hour before the Tabernacle in reparation for such unspeakable crimes against Jesus.

The bishop in Spain denounced it, but once again we see that Holy Communion in the Hand (and/or without kneeling) leads to yet more and more blasphemies and sacrileges in the Mass.  Of course, the Traditional Latin Mass has no such option, but bishops and pastors in the Novus Ordo (Mass in English or Spanish) also have a clear-cut path:  A 2004 document from the Vatican makes every pastor and bishop prohibit the reception of Holy Communion by hand in such times as these:  1


Azcona stealing Holy Communion for blasphemous purposes, as displayed on his own FB page.