22 04, 2020

Christ Has Conquered Your Fear of Death

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VOA news recently reported on the coronavirus: "The most contentious debate over Orthodox Easter occurred in Georgia [former USSR] where church leaders and the government agreed to allow parishioners to attend dusk-to-dawn Easter vigil services. The agreement meant worshippers were allowed to attend overnight services in large cathedrals despite a curfew, but they were required to maintain a distance of 2 meters. Those who attend small churches had to remain outside. Dozens went to the main cathedral in Tbilisi, where Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II said that the virus had caused fear among many people.” Despite a global fear of death over a virus, these Georgian worshippers stayed up all night worshipping the [...]

21 04, 2020

A Catholic’s Rights Before a Totalitarian State

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A cop (Ruben Nava) and a priest (Fr. David Nix) discuss an individual Catholic's rights of self-preservation before a hypothetical liberal totalitarian government.  Has the World Health Organization implied that a police-state is needed to end COVID-19?  There's some compelling evidence from the WHO, Gates and even the Vatican that such is the case.  I'm sorry about the bad sound quality on my end for some of the podcast.

9 04, 2020

When Does the Church Have to Obey the State?

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On today’s podcast, civil attorney Marc Zarlengo and I discuss the separation of Church and State from constitutional law, the Magisterium and Church history.  We will look much farther back in history than simply our current debate as to what is considered essential and non-essential commerce as we continue to hunker down for C19.

5 04, 2020

Predictions for 2020 Based on the Old Testament

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On today's podcast, my lawyer friend Marc Zarlengo and I discuss the causes and effects of a country and a Church effectively shut down. We discuss everything from the prophet Jeremiah to Bill Gates' proposal for digital medical certifications for Americans.

25 03, 2020

What if Catholics Avoided Pornovirus Like Coronavirus?

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Every Catholic—lay and cleric—would spend months talking about nothing except how to end the pornography problem among Catholics and worldwide. The mortal sin of pornography would be avoided as vigilantly as plague-stricken hospitals, especially if access to priests were limited. Catholics would wear modest clothes to Mass at least as much as masks are currently worn to Wal-Mart. Priests and biological fathers who make concessions out of laziness to the danger-at-hand would be held morally culpable for endangering more than just their own parish or family. Bishops would shut down the indiscriminate approach to Holy Communion  until every man was porn-free and every woman was birth-control free. Every diocese would [...]

19 03, 2020

A Catholic Rule-of-Life For COVID-19

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Whether you think COVID is media hype or a real danger, you'll gain some real practical advice on how to slow down as a Catholic living for Christ in 2020 on this podcast.  Please keep praying for Huma. “The remarkable thing about God is that when you fear God, you fear nothing else, whereas if you do not fear God, you fear everything else.”—Oswald Chambers.

14 03, 2020

How Should I Spend My Sundays when Public Masses Are Canceled?

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Part I: Why the Cancelation of Masses due to COVID-19 is probably a good thing. (If Church history does not interest you, feel free to skip to Part II: How Should I Spend My Sunday when Public Masses Are Canceled?) Many bishops in the world have canceled Sunday Masses for several consecutive weeks due to fear over coronavirus (COVID-19.) You might be surprised to read that I actually agree with their decision on this. First, epidemiologically, COVID has the potential to grow big and rapidly in its reach. Even if COVID stayed small in the amount of infections, many people over 50 years old would be placing themselves in harm’s [...]

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