21 03, 2023

Regaining Purpose After Lockdowns

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The Journal of the American Medical Association has an article titled "Addressing the Long-term Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children and FamiliesA Report From the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine."  Regarding this article, the Richmond Times-Dispatch ran the stats from this on "Deaths among children and teens." Notice the upsurge of suicides and other poisonings (intentional or unintentional, often unknown to even the medical examiner) during lockdowns: The Richmond Times-Dispatch then comments on the above stats of children and teens: "Deaths of American children and teens spiked between 2019 and 2021, the result of increased car wrecks, shootings and drug overdoses, according to a Virginia Commonwealth University survey [...]

16 03, 2023

Good Catholics Need to Tackle the Hard Topics More

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Here's seven reasons why we conservative and traditional Catholics must be more "political," not less, for "political" issues are more connected to evangelization than most people realize: 1. The Social Reign of Christ the King. Traditional Catholicism is built on the notion of no separation of Church and State. (Yes, you read that correctly.) That doesn't mean that we want a Catholic version of an Islamic Theocracy. Nor has the Catholic Church ever believe in forced-conversions (not even in the days of the Inquisition.) But just as nature abhors a vacuum, so do politics. Absent a group of leaders remaining under the Standard of Christ, we will be under the [...]

14 03, 2023

The Denial That Sin Exists

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To say that an unnatural sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance is no sin at all is tantamount to denying Christ was ever crucified, for He died to save us from our sins.  In fact, the notion that mortal sins are not sins at all is essentially asserting that sin does not exist at all.  Such is tantamount to apostasy or even atheism. Traditionally, the Catholic Church has taught that for a moral act to be just, the object and intention and circumstances must all be good.  If only one of those is missing, the entire act is evil.  Heretics of moral theology of the past 70 years [...]

11 03, 2023

Mental Prayer to Heal Narcissism

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Remember that the narcissistic person appears arrogant on the outside, but lives with tremendous inadequacy and insecurity on the inside.  This is why the narcissist lives on the supply of validation of self and also the degradation or manipulation of others. Is there any hope for such people? I received an anonymous email from "two narcissists who married each other."  One of the spouses wrote:  "Long story short, we use a combination of plain old Catholic religious practices, health practices, and deliverance prayers. I do not think most people should give up on a narcissistic spouse. Maybe get away for safety if needed, but never give up hope."  On the [...]

8 03, 2023

Durable Power of Attorney Documents

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There are many legal documents online similar to the one I created below.  However, even Catholic modifications to the average durable power of attorney documents miss the two main aspects of euthanasia: 1) Artificial Nutrition and Hydration.  Even the Vatican website (published several years before Pope Benedict XVI's semi-resignation) admits that artificial nutrition and hydration is always part of ordinary care in end-of-life decisions, provided the body can assimilate food and hydration (be it oral or artificial.)  As most of you know, the Catholic Church always requires ordinary care (food and water) but not always extraordinary care (eg a ventilation machine) in order to preserve life.  For example, intubation and [...]

2 03, 2023

Grey Rock Vs. Yellow Rock (a Narcissism Follow-Up)

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After appearing on Dr. Taylor Marshall's show to discuss Christian Boundaries against Narcissists, I got numerous emails similar to this:  "My spouse is a narcissist.  I can't divorce him.  I can't always grey-rock him.  What else can I do?"  (That is not a direct quote of anyone, but it is a summary of numerous emails I received.) In this video, Dr. Ramani explains how to go low-contact with a narcissist in your life. She says, "Low-contact is exactly what it sounds like:  Really only the most essential contact... Low-contact is tight: Only essential communication, nothing but the facts.  No emotion and only when necessary... Grey-Rocking is something that can be [...]

28 02, 2023

What Happened to All the Good Priests?

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Several years ago I was at a dinner in Florida and a bunch of us were discussing Church history in the 20th century, especially the state of the priesthood.  It was a light-hearted discussion about the topic, "What happened to all the good priests in the 20th century?"  After typical answers for awhile, an older Polish gentleman chimed in, "Maybe they all died in the World Wars."  The levity departed from the room at the profundity of his answer.  Everyone got silent because he seemed to have said something unexpected, but accurate.  Even the man who said it seemed surprised at the potential accuracy that had just come out of [...]

23 02, 2023

Hyper-Patriarchal and Hyper-Matriarchal Societies

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I recently watched a documentary on the Roman Empire.  What struck me about episode one is how masculine the pagan world used to be.   Demons seemed to have known who was in charge of that society, namely, men, so the sins were particularly male-based from the very start of the city of Rome: Fratricide, rape of the Sabine women (See above) and then, of course, centuries of conquering other nations. At the beginning of episode one, the documentary host reads a tombstone from about the 4th century BC where a certain "Scipio" boasts of how many hostages he took as a warrior. How did Christianity ever convert the Roman [...]

21 02, 2023

Superstition Before Hospital-Sacraments

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Catholic Church history reveals that during times of strong faith, superstition decreases.  Also, during times of weak-faith, superstition increase.  I believe modernist Catholics (not Medieval Catholics) are the most superstitious of all Catholics in history.  One proof of this how many Catholics took an experimental mRNA injection made from aborted babies just to keep death away.  (Even WaPo recently ran a story that those double-and-triple vaxxed were those still struggling with COVID-19, meaning it didn't even keep away the one bogeyman it promised to eschew.) But that is not the topic of today's blog post.  Today's blog is in regards to how most modernist Catholics approach the life-and-death sacraments with [...]

17 02, 2023

The Shrewsbury Trial

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Red Rose Rescue (RRR) is the group of pro-lifers who peacefully try to convince women inside abortion centers not to kill their children. One reason I joined RRR is because they are among the only pro-lifers I know who not only have it in their head—but also their heart—that the unborn child is just as much a child as, say, a toddler or teenager.  If this doesn't make sense, please read this most recent trial, in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.   It may move you to tears how we (including me) have all missed the humanity of the unborn child  Even those of us in the pro-life movement have missed the [...]

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