7 03, 2024

Is the Eucharist a “Prize For the Perfect”?

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Many modernist-heretics since the 1970s have purposefully conflated the requirement to receive Holy Communion in a state of grace with the notion of receiving Holy Communion in a state of perfection.  This is purposeful and diabolical ambiguity.  The Bible and the Catholic Church have always taught that one must receive Holy Communion in "a state of grace."  One need not be in a "state of perfection" (normally seen as the unitive stage of prayer, or the religious state or the state of being a bishop) to receive Holy Communion. In light of the above purposeful-conflation, modernist heretics since the 1970s have often said things like "The Eucharist is not a [...]

5 03, 2024

Who Gave Priests the Right To Defend Traditional Catholicism?

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Anyone who tries to phone me knows that my device is in "airplane mode" about ¾ of the day and then in "moon mode" the other ¼ of the day.  This isn't to be rude, but because a traditional priest has several hours of prayer a day.  Due to this (and not having a community with whom to share various duties) my only time for "reading" is while washing dishes or cleaning my hermitage or running to the hospital for extreme unction.  Thus, I listen to pre-downloaded audio-books or podcasts or Rosaries on airplane-mode much of the day while not in prayer or writing.  My goal is to then turn [...]

29 02, 2024

The Scarcity Principal on the Deposit of the Faith

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Knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the Precious Blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot.—1 Pt 1:18-19. The above quote from Sacred Scripture shows that the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ is objectively of infinite value to our salvation from sin, death, hell and demons.  But many Catholics today subjectively take the shed-blood of Jesus for granted.  As I have written before, a diocesan bishop once admitted to me that 80% of the Catholics in his Archdiocese received Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin [...]

27 02, 2024

Fr. Leo: Denver’s Priestly Martyr of the 20th Century

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The Martyrdom of Father Leo Heinrichs OFM, by David Gabler, citing the February 1908 edition of the Denver Catholic Register: Father Leo Heinrichs woke up the morning of Feb. 23, 1908, and prepared for the 6 a.m. Mass at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in Denver. While he normally said the 8 a.m. Mass, Father Leo asked his vicar, Father Wulstan Workman, if he would switch on account of a meeting he had later that morning. It was the last Mass the Franciscan priest ever celebrated. While distributing Holy Communion, an Italian immigrant named Giuseppe Alia approached the altar rail, and knelt down to receive Holy Communion as given to [...]

25 02, 2024

IVF Kills Thirty Children For Every One That Survives

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is defined by Yale Medicine as "a procedure that involves retrieving a woman's eggs and a man's sperm sample and combining the two in a laboratory dish."  Most Catholics in the pro-life movement are against IVF because "IVF replaces the marital act with a laboratory act and that an affront to the dignity of a child who is conceived." While that is true, the main reason we should be against IVF is not a violation of the 6th Commandment, but rather a violation of the 5th Commandment:  IVF eradicates many embryos (new individuals) to yield only a few living children.  A Catholic woman named Jenny Vaughn [...]

22 02, 2024

Christ’s Revelation Is Built Upon Natural Law

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Top-left: St. Thomas Aquinas.  Top-right: Person at  funeral for trans.-person at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, p/c Time Magazine. Recently, someone asked me about the Catholic Church's teaching on "transgenderism." Before we get to theology, we must realize that certain members of society identify as "transvestite." Transvestite means "one who has changed clothes."  It is obviously possible to change your clothes, whether this be for ordered reasons (like a certain male-martyr described in the ancient Roman Martyrology who dressed up as a woman to save a Christian woman in a Roman prison in order to replace her) or for disordered reasons, like a man erroneously believing he is a woman. [...]

20 02, 2024

15 Signs of a Toxic Spiritual Director

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Recently, a friend emailed me her concerns surrounding a traditional Catholic priest our age who insists he must be the director of various women we know.  We agreed he manifests at least half of the following 15 signs of toxic-religion as seen in PsycheCentral: It begins with dichotomous thinking, dividing people into two parts. Those who agree with the narcissists beliefs and those who don’t. Interestingly, only the narcissist is the judge and jury of who belongs on which side. Your opinion is insignificant. Then the narcissist makes fun of, belittles, and shows prejudice towards other beliefs. This tactic is done to remind you that if you change your views, [...]

15 02, 2024

Colorado Suicide Bill Eradicates Discernment Time

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Most Americans in the pro-life movement do not know that first two states "to decriminalize abortion" in certain circumstances (like rape) were Mississippi and Colorado.  Rep. Dick Lamb and Gov. John Love did this in Denver on the 25th of April 1967.  This was six years before the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade, a landmark decision which would begin the largest genocide in the Western Hemisphere.  Then, when this ruling of Roe was allegedly kicked-back to the States in 2022, abortion providers here in Colorado doubled-down, hoping to attract people from other states to their killing centers. Now in 2024, this attraction to murder others across State-borders is aimed not [...]

13 02, 2024

Moving the Overton-Window on “Schism”

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Above:  Reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, p/c S. Meyssonnier at Reuters. The Overton Window is what a group thinks to be believable in the eyes of others in its attempts to grow their faction in numbers.  The left uses the Overton Window to determine which lies they can get away with as they approach the left-of-center in a bell-curve of opinion polls.  The right also uses the Overton Window, but they use it to determine which aspects of the truth can be digested by the lukewarm on the right of the same bellcurve.  Fiducia Supplicans greatly shifted the leftists' Overton Window on heresy to the point that even [...]

8 02, 2024

The Filioque in the Eastern Fathers

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On my YouTube video series Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) we have been discussing the Trinity lately, especially "the Filioque."  The Filioque is Latin for "and the Son," as you say in the Nicene Creed. This means that you believe "in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver of Life, proceeding from the Father and the Son" (et in Spíritum Sanctum... qui ex Patre Filióque procédit.)  However, most Eastern Orthodox insist the Holy Spirit proceeds only from the Father.  Thus, most Eastern Orthodox reject the Filioque statement. To be sure, there are two debates at hand (not just two sides) but actually two debates.  The first debate (upon which this [...]

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