Merry Christmas Octave to all readers, listeners, friends and family!  The top-left pic is the tiny Christmas tree of my hermitage.  The top-right is the Roman Breviary on my altar into which I have written the perpetual-petition to pray for “all benefactors, spiritual and material” in the Roman Canon of the Traditional Latin Mass.   As you know, my blog and channel has no ads or patreon.  This approach is very unique in the Catholic world, but it means my teaching can be free and modest for everyone.  Of course, I never charge for any sacraments or blessings.  That is why I am thankful to all you who support me, as you are my only income (besides health insurance).

For those of you who want to support me in the future, there are three main ways on my Donate Page:  Snail-Mail checks, Continue to Give and Zelle (the last of which goes to me, not my 501c3 charity.)  That Donate Page also has numerous bullet-points which answer common questions about my lifestyle, sacramentals and finances.  If you donate to my charity using the green link at the top, Continue to Give, please keep in mind that all receipts for tax-season are emailed at every donation.  If you need a total for anything before tax-day, just email me.

Finally, keep in mind you can subscribe to “Padre Peregrino” across dozens of forums from YouTube to Spotify, all for free, whether you are a donor or not.  I especially thank everyone who prays for me.

Assembling a Christmas gift with a nephew and niece.