In Part I, we discussed how Mary’s interior life was entirely God-centered (not man-centered) and how her life, although ordinary in her daily duties, was a string of miracles from her Conception to her Assumption.  Miracles overturns the heresy of modernism which is primarily a man-centered version of Catholicism that looks through the ancient faith through natural goggles instead of the supernatural vision given to us by Divine Revelation.

I release this blog on 13th of October which is not only the anniversary of the greatest miracle since the Resurrection (namely, the miracle of the sun seen at Fatima by 70,000 believers and unbelievers alike on 13 Oct 1917) but is also the anniversary of the Moscow Revolution beginning the killing of faithful (even children on 13 Oct 1917.)  The 13th of October is also the anniversary of a slightly earlier event in Church, namely, Pope Leo XIII’s astonishing locution of a discussion between God and Satan following his Mass (on 13 Oct 1884.)

While Mary is primarily God-centered, the above events show that she is intimately tied up in the current events of world history and Church history.  Some even say she is “more” involved in this époque of the Church than past ages, as St. Louis De Montfort rightly wrote about a future age that would be the “age of Mary.”  “My dear brother,” wrote the saint a few hundred years ago,  “when will that happy time, that age of Mary, come, when many souls, chosen a procured from the Most High by Mary… lose themselves in the abyss of her interior”?

The above picture is a a group of us praying in front of a Planned Parenthood in Colorado with the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadelupe at a 40 Days for Life.  One of the women gave the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and we were again reminded how we in the pro-life movement pray that God through Mary would again stop a slaughter just as he stopped the slaughter of the tribes surrounding the Aztecs five hundred years ago through the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe triumphing over the pyramids of those lake cities now know as “Mexico City” or “D.F.”

Now the “errors of Russia” have killed many more than pagan Aztecs and the “errors of Russia” have now filled the United States from abortion laws to the scamdemic to every lie being pushed to replace God with a leftist government in the hearts and minds of our citizens.  While God has allowed many heresies to be attached to His Holy Name of Jesus, it seems that God has allowed very few heresies to be attached to the Holy Name of Mary, the Mother of God.  I don’t know why that is the case, but that is just how it has shaken out in world history and Church history.

That means that the key to defeating the errors of Russia (at least until and probably beyond a great miracle of Divine Intervention) is to be formed as Marian as possible in the interior life.  This is first done by the daily Rosary.  As I have preached before:  “Five decades a day for purity of hands, fifteen decades a day for purity of mind.”  And after that (and only after that) can we aim for the heights of that “age of Mary” where St. Louis De Montfort says “many souls, chosen and procured from the Most High by Mary, shall lose themselves in the abyss of her interior.”  In fact, St. Louis De Montfort goes so far as to say that the final age of Marian souls will even become “living copies of Mary to love and glorify Jesus.”