The book above is written by Fr. Daniel Utrecht of the Oratory.  It is the book I’m reading on retreat. It’s about Cdl. Von Galen of Munster, Germany who publicly resisted the Gestapo as early as 1941. Bishop Von Galen was a saint of charity and courage who took on the Nazis from the pulpit and even in the streets. But he wasn’t alone: During the 1930s in Germany, he saw lay Catholics and priests who resisted the Nazis go to prison repeatedly for “currency speculation.”

Ever notice that godless regimes persecute good people on red-herrings like “currency speculation”? It completely reminds me of President Trump being raided by the FBI today on more red-herrings. And speaking of “currency speculation” being a charge against anti-Nazis, why do you think Biden’s IRS just hired this week 87,000 new recruits? It’s to take out people like you and me.

Yes, this can happen in the USA. Yes, communism is equally deadly as Nazism. The democrats have literally killed more than the Nazis with abortion. The Nazis told Bp. Von Galen to stay out of politics, but he continued to resist the Nazis with the heart of a lion. Bp. Von Galen is proof that we priests and bishops must not stay silent in the face of oppressive regimes, even when people (like many Nazis and even some Catholics of his day) said to Von Galen that he must stay within his Church and out of politics. To this day, we are all thankful he didn’t “stay in his lane.”