30 04, 2022

“All Human Conflict is Ultimately Theological.”—Cardinal Manning

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Michael Knowles frequently quotes the 19th century British Cardinal Manning who said "All human conflict is ultimately theological."  I had an experience of this yesterday afternoon.  I put up the following Tweet... ...and then countless leftists piled on me with unspeakably filthy reply Tweets.  Although I recently blogged here about how we on the right are all too quick to say any of our enemies are "possessed," many of the replies were so dark that I had to come to the conclusion that they were not coming from "bots" but from real people who are highly obsessed or even possessed by demons.  But what does this have to do with [...]

28 04, 2022

When One Island Converted the Other (and Vice Versa)

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St. Patrick was a Celt of Roman Briton (possibly Wales?) and was taken as a slave to Ireland by the Irish themselves.  As a young man, he then escaped Ireland and returned to the land of his birth.  But after a small conversion on a moral matter, he gave his entire life to Christ, was ordained a priest (and later a bishop) and then he returned to his land of slavery to convert them.  St. Patrick nearly-singlehandedly converted the entire Island of Eire to Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. Very early on in the history of Christianity in the UK, the UK still needed a huge conversion.  Up until [...]

26 04, 2022

Beginning Evangelization: Brown Scapulars or Miraculous Medals?

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Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!  Please be aware that the email-notification app on this blog no longer works, so you'll just have to check this front-page Theology Section and the Life Updates every week.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to all my talks and videos at Padre Peregrino on Rumble. The Miraculous Medal (the silver necklace above on the chain) was engraved in the 19th century at the indication of St. Catherine of Laboure when the Mother of God asked these to be made.  God promises actual graces through Mary's hands to anyone who wears these.  Because these are actual graces, these graces can be received by even non-baptized souls. The Scapular [...]

26 04, 2022

A Big Thanks to Donors

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To Material Donors I want to thank all my material donors (who greatly overlap with my material donors) who are so generous in monthly donations and one-time donations.  Ten years ago, I never expected to be having to raise my own funds as a priest.  But now I found that I have a freedom to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise comes as I run a private Catholic charity dedicated to evangelization, teaching, pro-life work and Church reform.  As you know, I still get health-insurance and dental-insurance from my diocese.  However, all of my room and board as well as ministry expenses are covered by your generous donations. [...]

23 04, 2022

Mass Meditation

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p/c Cream City Catholic A few years ago, I had spliced in scenes of the Passion of the Christ into a video on Vimeo of my own low Mass with the words I had thought came from St. Francis De Sales.  However, a priest showed me the meditations did not come from De Sales.  I believe he said the meditation preceded him. Either way, you can use these words to meditate at each part of the Traditional Latin Mass: When the priest goes to the foot of the Altar: Jesus enters the garden. O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Who wast pleased voluntarily to endure mortal terror [...]

21 04, 2022

Can I Eat in a Place with Idols?

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"May I eat in an ethnic restaurant with pagan idols up as long as I'm not eating there because of the idols?" The short answer to this is:  If you have kids and/or want to stay on the safe-side, just avoid such restaurants, especially since there are so many options of restaurants and markets without idols out there. But what about a Catholic missionary living in India who has the choice between buying flour with a ganesh on it or entering a restaurant with a shiva in it or just starving to death?  I know the tough-guy trad-answer is "Just starve to death." However, the Saints, Fathers and Doctors give [...]

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