To Material Donors

I want to thank all my material donors (who greatly overlap with my material donors) who are so generous in monthly donations and one-time donations.  Ten years ago, I never expected to be having to raise my own funds as a priest.  But now I found that I have a freedom to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise comes as I run a private Catholic charity dedicated to evangelization, teaching, pro-life work and Church reform.  As you know, I still get health-insurance and dental-insurance from my diocese.  However, all of my room and board as well as ministry expenses are covered by your generous donations.  As I mentioned on my donate page, my 501(c)(3) provides me a $2,000 salary a month for personal needs and other gifts.  Finally, please note that you have seen some celebrities on my podcast and social media lately, but they have not given me any money (because I have never asked them for money.)  The roof over my head and the food I eat comes from you, my normal readers and weekly listeners, and for this—I am extremely thankful.

To Spiritual Donors

I want to thank all my spiritual donors (who greatly overlap with those who also donate.)  My spiritual donors are those who pray and sacrifice for me.  There was a point in my life about 20 years ago when I worked for a Catholic leadership group on-campus.  We told people we wanted “partners” in backing us up in both finances and prayer.  But what I usually meant was money.  Nowadays, I can honestly say I need the spiritual donors more than the financial donors.  The spiritual attack against any priesthood just squeaking by in sanctifying grace and holding the lowest levels of traditional orthodoxy is astonishing.  Thus, I am even more thankful for your prayers and fasts and vigils for me than I am for even all of the kind donations.  I am thankful for both, to be sure, but my main goal is bringing God glory, and secondly my salvation, and thirdly the salvation of as many as possible.  For these three goals, I need prayer and sacrifice backing me up more than the dollar bills, so please do consider some small commitment to pray a daily decade of the Rosary for me, or some small sacrifice like a few minutes on your knees to get my lousy soul to heaven.  For all these gifts—material and spiritual—May God reward you.