27 02, 2021

Life Update 2021.02.27

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Changing My Habits This is what I looked like in a Roman Collar for most of my priesthood: Here's an example of the vestments I wore when I was doing Mass in English (and other languages) in 2015: After Holy Mass in the Basilica of St. James of Campostella in Santiago, Spain after finishing the Camino in 2015. Here's an example of the vestments I wore after switching to the Traditional Latin Mass: After Holy Mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Jacksonville, Florida. This was my last active assignment (2018) before becoming a diocesan hermit. My first religious habit as a hermit was [...]

25 02, 2021

Trudeau: You Must “Quarantine in Designated Government Facilities.”

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On Monday this week (22nd of February 2021) Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, tweeted the above two tweets. Notice that for Canadian travelers who test negative for COVID-19: You have to quarantine at home. Then, notice that for Canadian travelers who test positive for COVID-19: "You'll be required to immediately quarantine in designated government facilities." So the COVID-positive and the COVID-negative both have to quarantine now?   Canada is now approaching a fully totalitarian state.  However, this time it is not under the pretense of national economics (like Russia and China in the 20th century) but rather under the pretense of national health. Then put into the mix [...]

23 02, 2021

Scrupulous Conscience vs. Sensitive Conscience

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Imagine if St. Francis of Assisi were alive today.  Imagine he walked into an average Catholic Church and confessed his sins.  I fear the average priest would laugh at him and call him "scrupulous." But this would be a big mistake.  A man's venial sins are a big deal in the eyes of God, and while no priest should be hard on people for their venial sins (nor mortal sins except extremely rare occasions) a priest should believe a penitent's accusations against herself.  (A penitent is the person confessing her sins and the confessor is the priest hearing penitents' confessions, usually in a confessional box.)   A priest should never [...]

19 02, 2021

I Called It: Gates now claims, “Third shot may be needed to combat new coronavirus variants.”

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I was blessed to be asked to present as a distanced-speaker at the Health Freedom Summit with JP Sears and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Because I did not have time to put together an original presentation, they used this video presentation I gave back in 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXSgM0JPUhU In this 2020 video, I described a scenario of how and why the technocratic communists' promoting this health-communism theatre would use a cycle of virus—vaccine—new-virus—new-vaccine, ad infinitum, to maintain social-control over us. I, along with many others, were quickly labeled as "conspiracy theorists." Now, in 2021, even Bill Gates seems bent on vindicating me, (as well as everyone else who participated in the Health Summit Freedom).  This [...]

18 02, 2021

Lebensraum and Climate-Change

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Lebensraum was Hitler’s assertion that the German people needed more land in which they could live and breathe, and this would be accomplished by annexing certain nations found to the East of Germany. Lebensraum literally means “living space.” In fact, the notion of lebensraum was found long before World War II, for Hitler coined it in his Mein Kampf first edition (1925) and in the second edition (1928) in which Hitler wrote: And so, we National Socialists consciously draw a line beneath the foreign policy tendency of our pre–War period. We take up where we broke off six hundred years ago. We stop the endless German movement to the south [...]

17 02, 2021

CPX 54: The Angelus

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Prayer part 12 in the Catechism of Pope St. Pius X (CPX) p. 57 Q/A #12-15.  This is the last section of prayer before we move onto the sacraments in CPX.   This is a short one today. Also, a thanks and tax-deduction note to donors can be found here, or at by clicking this direct URL link. (https://padreperegrino.org/2021/02/tax1/) […]

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