I’m sure some mildly-conservative Catholics out who follow me on social media believe I still publicly support Trump out of some case of “replacement-holiness” for Church leadership that has let me down. That is not true. Nor do I support Trump out of some notion that he represents our American past or even lost manliness. I support Trump because he is the last symbol of non-communism in this country. And according to Our Lady of Fatima and all of the valid Popes of the past 100 years, communism is the main political-system that Catholics must resist. Remember Nazi stands for “National Socialist Party” and obviously killed millions of people. Following them, non-Nazi communists killed 100M of their own people in the 20th century in places like Russia and Cambodia.

Trump is now just a symbol of American civil liberties being dumped by leftists and all who have cooperated with them, including most right-of-center Americans who were shamed into submission via their accusations of racism and violence. If you think that’s an exaggeration, then why does the left insist he leave office before his term is up? Answer: Because that is how a communist coup happens. It must have a show of totalitarian power (and this “show” usually kills the former-ruler and his family.) Of course, Twitter just publicly banned Trump forever from its platform.  Trump switches to Parler.  Google removes Parler from their app store. Last night when Fox News asked Google why they did that, Google gave this answer, in part, read by Tucker Carlson: Parler is “inciting violence [and] in light of this urgent and ongoing public safety threat, we’re suspending the app’s listings…until it addresses these issues.”

Of course, there’s little to no proof of conservatives inciting violence on Parler.  Google’s despot, like every silicon-valley oligarch, must always hang non-communists on one of two red-herrings:  racism or violence.  These are the only two vices left that everybody hates.

Dennis Prager has an excellent video describing the difference between liberals and leftists. He explains that liberals desire free speech where leftists do not. The only thing I disagree with him in the video is his last sentence that leftists are a greater threat to liberals than conservatives. This is false because liberals always wanted to become leftists. Leftism is just liberalism 2.0. That was always their goal: To beg for an open academic forum of free-speech all in order to shut it all down.  Communists hate free speech because satan hates free speech. Indeed, the slightest amount of light disperses the darkness.

But America in 2021 is not Cambodia in 1975.  Such differences are precisely why is why modern leftists knew they were not going to get away with destroying our civil liberties unless they could shame us into feeling bad for associating with certain morals that everyone on the right and the left is against, such as racism.  99.9% of Americans hate racism, as well they should. Thus, support for Trump is now characterized by the left as “White Supremacy.”  Most of the right doesn’t believe this, but the pressure is waring on them to distance themselves from Trump, nonetheless.

Another sanctimonious harbor of low-level morality to which everyone will piously flee is the stance of non-violence..  That’s fine, but it’s not even based on the truth now.  Just a few days ago, Trump called on a Twitter video for Patriots to disperse from the Capitol peacefully.  Amazingly, Twitter suppressed this video and the mainstream media then said he was inciting violence!  For calling for peace!  This was the exact opposite of what he did!  And yet many on the right bought this lie of the mainstream media.   Do any of you realize how insane this is? The fact is:   Trump-derangement syndrome may not be the same as Fatima’s diabolical-disorientation, but there must be an 80% overlap.

Trump is not a racist, nor is he violent.  Besides the fact that a very cursory search on the internet will produce thousands of percent more racist lines from Biden than ever from Trump, the truth is this: None of the facts matter in communism. They want to shame us on the right into submission, and they have succeeded in this goal against most of the Catholics and Protestants in this country.

The silicon oligarch billionaires on the left probably know Trump is not a racist. Nevertheless, if they can get their leftish doofus foot-soldiers to shame the rest of the nation into distancing themselves from “Trump the Violent White Supremacist,” then silicon valley has greased the rails to slide into America the complete eradication of free-speech. Anyone who has read a single book on communism knows this is the first stop of communism. And satan’s goal in this is primarily the silencing of Christians. Why? Because the enemy of our human nature knows the slightest amount of light disperses the darkness. This is why Christianity spread at lightning-fast rates in the centuries it held to non-compromise on truth and love.

Again,  my support of Trump has nothing to do with Trump. It has everything to do with the fact Trump was the last chance God gave the United States to buck the incoming system of communism.  And I don’t blame the communists for doing what communists do: Lie, shame, steal and cheat. That’s just what they do.  Rather, I blame mildly-conservative Catholics and conservative Protestants for being shamed into submission in accepting the false premises of claims of the left that anyone who persists in resisting their fake election is a violent racist. And like sheep, most conservatives took the bait and ran away from Trump the past month.   Y’all need to turn off your TVs and get on your knees.

Another example of the lie we have all come to “get along with” for the sake of peace is that Dominion Voting Machine event recently dubbed “an election.” It was a game of lying, shaming, stealing and cheating that simply fronted as a Presidential election.  That’s just what communists do.  But instead of fighting it, most Republicans called for a peace-pact with the devil.  I believe that if Jesus does not return soon, history will prove: There was no Presidential Election in 2020 and Trump will prove to be the most lied-about person in human history. This is what a communist coup looks like, but it had to be bigger in the US than Cambodia 55 years ago because we conservatives still mildly believed in freedom.  (And we’re all getting tagged on social media.  It appears Twitter removed about 100 of my followers this week.)

Sadly, so many mildly-conservative Catholics who revel in a nation founded on dumping tea into Griffin’s wharf have now been shamed into distancing themselves from the storming of the Capitol this last week (even condemning the life of a real Patriot, Ashli Babbitt, a veteran who was killed in the Capitol this week.) I don’t blame Trump for backing down after so many Christians abandoned him. He was this country’s last chance at bucking communism, and many Catholics were shamed into these the false accusations and subsequently fled into the left’s vocabulary of sanctimonious morality. This shame helped this country make a deal with the devil by peacefully introducing communism into this country instead of making them do a violent take over.  Well-played, leftists.  They knew we Christians were lazy and weak.  Most of all, the devil knew that mildly-conservative Catholics desired peace above truth.

I’m still hopeful that God will work some type of Divine Intervention in DC the next two weeks, or even that the left will cannibalize themselves in their frenzy of evil to destroy any memory of President Trump.

But barring such a miracle, fast forward 5 years: American Catholics who sold out Trump due to their sensitive sanctimonious morality will either fully capitulate into silencing themselves on the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or they will have to look back to 2020 and 2021 and admit that this was never about violent White Supremacy but rather resisting a communist-coup. Republicans in a few years will look back and see that they were guilty (mostly out of laziness) for not standing up for the one guy left who stood against a full communist take over in this country. Trump is no saint. But he’s just a living icon of anti-communism, and that is why I fought so hard for him online.

Finally, if you think “communism” is an exaggeration, then please explain why Trump has been blacked-out by not only all mainstream media, but now even all social media before his term is up. Remember they also want to remove him violently from the White House before his term is up. That’s a communist take-over, whether you like it or not.  And most Catholics bought it all so as to not look “so blunt”or “so rude” as President Trump.  One day, barring my above hoped-for miracle, you will see how “blunt” and “rude” the gulags are to mildly-conservative Christians.