25 10, 2017

Carta Abierta a Un Sacerdote

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Una pareja católica escribió una carta anónima a su pastor y a cada sacerdote.  Ellos asisten a la Missa de forma ordinaria en la zona oeste de los E.U.  Son buenos amigos míos desde hace 10 años.  Me pidieron que lo publique en mi blog.   Padre, Estoy muy agradecido que haya dedicado su vida a ser nuestro padre espiritual. Estoy agradecido por los regalos que nos ha puesto a disposición en los sacramentos. Sabemos que usted trabaja incansablemente para mantener todo equilibrado y funcionando sin problemas. Por eso estamos agradecidos. Debemos ser sinceros y divulgar nuestras preocupaciones y frustraciones: hemos escuchado más acerca de la comunidad LGBTQ y la aceptación [...]

24 10, 2017

Open Letter to a Priest

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A Catholic married couple with children wrote an anonymous letter to their parish priest, to every priest. They attend the ordinary Mass in English out West. They have been good friends of mine for almost a decade, and they asked me to publish it here. Open Letter to our spiritual Fathers Dear Fr. ___________, I am so very thankful that you have given your life to be our spiritual father. I am grateful for the gifts you make available to us in the sacraments. We know you work tirelessly to keep everything balanced and running smoothly. For that, we are thankful.  But we have to be honest and share our [...]

7 10, 2017

Mary: God’s First Love

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Although the pro-life movement’s arguments can be proved from science as much as religion, one of the reasons that I am so involved in the pro-life movement is based on this piece of theology: God imagined every person as an unrepeatable blueprint long before their conception. Since God is the exclusive Creator of the Universe, and since God is in eternity (two philosophical necessities to a world with only One God) this means that God imagined the blueprint to each person’s genome long before an individual zygote was ever conceived. Of course, “imagined” and “before” are words that fail us, especially since we are speaking of a God who exists [...]

2 10, 2017

Hugh Hefner Part II

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My last blog post called How Many Will Be Saved?  had a lot of shares but also a lot of critique.  This makes for good Catholic dialogue.  I want to respond in a short blog post to a few objections. St. Augustine wrote: "There are two things that kill the soul: Despair and false hope.”—St. Augustine, Sermo 87.8. Another word for “false hope” is presumption. The reason I included in my blog post all the saints’ quotes on hell was not to judge Hugh Hefner but to show how many American Catholics live in presumption of last-minute imperfect contrition. So, if someone were to read those saints’ quotes about hell [...]

1 10, 2017

The Rosary Will Triumph Over Abortion

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In the TLM calendar, today is the external feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Although this sermon deals with abortion, I tried to avoid extremely graphic descriptions of the violence.  In fact, the families with whom I inquired after Mass had no problem with my vocabulary in preaching.  Nevertheless, I would highly encourage parents to preview this sermon in order to first determine the level of age-appropriate listening in your family. Nota Bene:  Future sermons will probably be released on Mondays, blog posts on Thursdays.

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