19 05, 2017

The Link Between Abortion and Trafficking

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It is often believed that those who spend their time fighting abortion are of a different ilk than those who fight child sex-slavery. Indeed, all those seeking justice usually have time for only one area of total-expertise, but my blog today will attempt to show that both child-sex slavery and abortion feed each other in a vicious cycle. We must become abolitionists for both of these attacks on children. Indeed, besides the obvious link that slavery and abortion both harm innocent children, there are several important reasons why sex-slavery will continue to grow within the abortion and contraception empire. 1) The disproportionate number of unborn girls killed in China has [...]

7 05, 2017

Third Sunday After Easter: The Indwelling

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Why did Jesus *not* go to other nations after His Resurrection?  The answer has to do with how Christians are called to live the three stages of the interior life:  The purgative way, the illuminitive way and the unitive way.  It also has a lot do with God's initiative in Ascension and Pentecost and then our response that leads to interior divinization and exterior evangelization.  The launching point for this sermon is actually a comparison of the above teachings  in Catholicism pace Mormonism.

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