20 01, 2017

How to Pray for Your Enemies

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The Catholic Church has taught from the days of St. Paul that it is the duty of state to use the death penalty. "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. [...]

7 01, 2017

Epiphany and the Ancient Prophesy of Ecuador

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The Mother of God appeared to a young Spanish prioress in the 16th century in Quito, Ecuador, asking her to suffer for the Catholic Church's tribulations of the the 20th century.  This is a Vatican-approved apparition of the Blessed Mother where Mother Mary actually told Ven. Mariana exactly what would happen to every sacrament.  But Epiphany is all about the light that shines when the darkness is actually darkest.  Where Christ has gone, so also will His Church follow.  Bumper song credit:  O Lux et Decus Hispaniae.  (Oh light and glory of the Spanish peoples.)

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