25 07, 2016

Capitalizing “He” for Jesus

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When I first read “Lord of the Rings” in high school, I skipped over all the elf and orc songs. I had no intention of ever learning elvish like a total weirdo, so I thought it wasn’t vital to the plotline. A few years later in University, I was doing my undergraduate at Boston College, and Dr. Peter Kreeft pointed out something I had never realized:  For Tolkien, the elvish language was a Tolkienesque way of speaking in tongues. It turns out the Elf and Orc songs are among the most important parts of the entire book, for the songs were to communicate the unspoken essence of the race. This is because Tolkien [...]

16 07, 2016

Women Saints’ Problems

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I'm not sure who originally compiled this, but it is encouraging to know:  You're not alone in your struggles.  These are the women of the school of Christ crucified.  (After writing this blog post last night, I woke up and realized I needed to add an important Nota Bene:  The below listing of saints is not a green-light for women to be doormats.  Most of these women tried to preserve their lives and even live normal lives.  The list below is simply a way to push against the Calvinist idea that suffering is a sign of divine disfavor.) Abusive or Unfaithful Husbands Physical Abuse St. Rita of Cascia Verbal Abuse Bl. [...]

8 07, 2016

St. Joseph versus Child-Sex-Trafficking

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When it comes to triumph over unjust suffering, there are few saints more inspiring than the Apostle Paul:  "I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the Church.” (Col 1:24)  But in the Old Testament, the gold medal of joy amidst suffering must go to Joseph of Egypt.  When we consider that Joseph was betrayed by his family and sold into slavery, we begin to meditate on the plight of the millions of children sold into slavery today.  When Potiphar’s wife unsuccessfully tries to seduce him, she falsely [...]

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