30 08, 2022

Should Catholics Join the US Military? Part 1: “Negative.”

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by Captain Emily Rainey Emily Grace Rainey is a former Army Special Operations Officer who deployed to Afghanistan as the leader of a Cultural Support Team, where she conducted dozens of helicopter infil night raids while assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment. Later she was selected into Psychological Operations, the primary propaganda arm of the Department of Defense and deployed to Iraq as the commander of a tactical PSYOP detachment. The highly decorated Captain Rainey resigned her commission in July of 2021 after receiving career ending reprimands for defying Covid lockdowns as well as peaceably attending the Jan 6 rally in Washington DC. Since leaving the military she bought a [...]

4 08, 2022

RIP David Bawden (aka Pope Michael)

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David Bawden (who went by "Pope Michael" in Kansas) has apparently died. God rest his soul. I thank God he apparently made a confession at the end, but it's not that big of a statement since I hope every person on this planet confesses before dying. People on social media are saying ridiculous things like he repented of "his apostasy" at the end just since he thought he was the Pope for the past decade or so. Let's get a few things straight: 1-Bawden did not accept the post-Vatican II Popes as valid. I do. At worst, this would make him "a schismatic," not "an apostate." In fact, I don't [...]

24 02, 2022

Travel Tips for Catholics (and Others)

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Obviously, there are a million websites telling you how to travel.  But this "Pilgrim Priest" is going to give you a few new tips you may not have known: Ahead of Time: Find out which countries require vaccines and masks not only to tour, but also to land in their country.  Also, your passport may not be enough.  Make sure to get travel-visas ahead of time.  (Just before my very first flight to Brazil in seminary, I got stopped on the way from Denver to Rio De Janeiro in Atlanta, not knowing I needed a visa to enter Brazil.  I had to fly back to Denver and re-book everything.  Since [...]

22 02, 2022

Are Trads Mean?

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I recently stayed with traditional priest who, although Western and a bit older than me, reminded me of a Holy Fool of the East. A Holy Fool in Russian is called юродивый or a yurodivy and it's its own class of saint. The Holy Fool makes you think he is stupid, but in fact—it's you he reveals as stupid. The Eastern Church's holy fool is not insane as the name implies to Western eyes, but is rather an indomitable lover of God who makes you re-think your own arrogance through his prophetic actions in your life. (The older Latin priest I stayed with had little idea he was like the [...]

30 11, 2021

Advent Message to Benefactors and Listeners

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Dear friends, family, readers, listeners and benefactors—both spiritual and material, Ave Maria! I wanted to thank you all for all of your support this past year. First, some great news: My VLX (Patristic Bible Study) and CPX (Catechism of Pope St. Pius X) and TCE (Theology and Current Events) reached it's first year of production about midway through 2021. Across all forums like YouTube and Apple podcasts, it is now getting about a million listens a year! It has been my dream for a long time to teach Scripture and catechesis as a traveling missionary, so this was an answer to a prayer in a roundabout way. I thank God (and [...]

16 11, 2021

Men’s Groups: A Suggestion

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Who is more chatty, men or women? You probably can guess my answer at face-value. But when you throw a single variable in there, and change it just a little bit, for example: “Who is more open about problems with new friends?” I believe the answer is: men. You see, if you started a women’s Bible Study, you would be lucky if you could get fellow women to open up about, say, internet temptations within three months of that Bible study getting together. But if you started a men’s Bible Study, the men would be open about internet problems that very first night. I mean it: That very first night [...]

3 08, 2021

The Rage and the Victory

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On the topic of the "vaccine," notice that the left is not quoting their false-science anymore as much as their morality.  And their "morality" is now devolving into a diabolical rage and hatred against those who won't take their baby-injected jab: Yes, this is a real tweet I saw full of hatred for those who will not take the vaccine.  This is the rage that is coming. A traditional Catholic woman on Twitter who goes by Rae (who I suggest everyone follow) posted this: As of early August 2021, we are not yet at level 7.  But levels 1-6 are being fulfilled simultaneously against anyone who will not [...]

24 07, 2021

Production Schedule

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Reminder that these are my weekly production goals: Monday:  VLX (Video Lectio Divina) found on both YouTube and all podcast apps.  Search Padre Peregrino. Tuesday:  Blog here Wednesday: CPX (Catechism of Pius X) found on both YouTube and all podcast apps.   Search Padre Peregrino. Thursday:  Blog here Friday:  Occasionally, TCE (Theology and Current Events) found on YouTube and all podcast apps. Saturday:  Occasionally, See Life Update blog on pull-down section called Life.)

15 07, 2021

Extreme Evil Requires an Extreme Remedy

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"They wound; they kill; they go down to hell."—St. Ignatius of Loyola, Spiritual Exercises #108. Leaving a sick call about 10 years into my priesthood, I ran into a gothic-looking fellow.  He was about 30 years old and decided to strike up a conversation with me.  I didn't have much time to talk, but I realized this would be one of his only interactions with a priest his whole life, so I couldn't brush him off.  As usual, I had to listen to someone preach to me.  (This is ironically more common than me preaching to someone.)  In any case, this guy was a little different.  He just wanted to [...]

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