7 11, 2022

Réddite Quæ Sunt Dei Deo

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Sunday's TLM Gospel for the 22nd Sunday After Pentecost was just:  Then the Pharisees going, consulted among themselves how to insnare Him in His speech. And they sent to Him their disciples with the Herodians, saying: "Master, we know that Thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest Thou for any man: for Thou dost not regard the person of men. Tell us therefore what dost Thou think, is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?" But Jesus knowing their wickedness, said: "Why do you tempt Me, ye hypocrites? Shew Me the coin of the tribute."  And they offered Him a [...]

15 10, 2022

Religion at ‘The Daily Wire.’

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https://youtu.be/a4Ckb6pxFMM I very much like the conservative Catholic Matt Walsh and his work.  But the only time I have seen him respond irrationally and subsequently lose a debate was in the above two-minute clip from 2019.  In it, another Catholic man asks Walsh how he, as a Christian, can work for Ben Shapiro who publicly blasphemes Jesus Christ.  He even gives an example of such blasphemy.  But Walsh changes the topic and says, "Are you suggesting everyone who is not Christian is guilty of blasphemy?"  The man respectfully doubles-down on his question, not being deterred. Walsh (getting worked up in a way he almost never does) then mockingly says, "I [...]

24 09, 2022

We Need to Change Our Strategy with Infiltrators

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When I saw this tweet by Matt Gaspers, I realized we were being trolled by the left. Or, Satan was openly trolling the left and still all leftists don't realize they are now fully under the grip of who St. Ignatius calls "the enemy of human nature."  Either way, there are currently no attempts by the left anymore to hide their evil intentions or actions. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote: "We know that they are lying. They know that they are lying. They even know that we know they are lying. We also know that they know we know they are lying. But they still continue to lie."  That's because the big-time [...]

20 08, 2022

How Catholics (Who Believe in Fatima) Should See Trump

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I despise President Trump's Operation Warp-Speed that rolled out the COVID vaccine. I understand he promoted staff who lived alternative lifestyles. Neither of these are things that King St. Louis IX would have done if he were a monarch in the USA in the 21st century. But such a saint is not alive today, and we need to decide if we're going to get behind the least-bad man we've been given on the right in decades by Divine Providence. The problem is this: Many traditional Catholics now say some form of this assertion: "A country founded on Protestant and freemasonic principles was always going to fall and Trump is just [...]

11 08, 2022

Cardinal Von Galen: The Lion of Münster

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The book above is written by Fr. Daniel Utrecht of the Oratory.  It is the book I'm reading on retreat. It's about Cdl. Von Galen of Munster, Germany who publicly resisted the Gestapo as early as 1941. Bishop Von Galen was a saint of charity and courage who took on the Nazis from the pulpit and even in the streets. But he wasn't alone: During the 1930s in Germany, he saw lay Catholics and priests who resisted the Nazis go to prison repeatedly for "currency speculation." Ever notice that godless regimes persecute good people on red-herrings like "currency speculation"? It completely reminds me of President Trump being raided by the [...]

6 07, 2022

How Conservative Family Lines Went Woke

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Really, the full title of this blog should be How Conservative Family Lines Went Woke In Just a Few Generations.  It didn't happen overnight.  This is not a blog post to cheer on the right and condemn the leftists.  It's to ask how our every country in the West went from being civilized to uncivilized in less than 100 years.  You all know my theological answers on this, on how "politics is downstream of politics" and how "every grace and error flows from the altar."  I also now admit that Vatican II was not the root of modernism, but was just the "coming out" party for modernism. But at the [...]

13 05, 2022

“Not in Our Name.”

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This is reprinted with permission of LifeSite News. You will see my signature at the bottom. A group of U.S. intellectuals – journalists, political advisers, and scholars – have signed an open letter to President Joe Biden (see full text below), pleading with him to reject policies which lead to an “intensification of conflict with Russia” and which “could lead to the deaths of millions of innocent people.” The open letter, entitled Not in our name, cites Biden’s recent request to the U.S. Congress for $33 billion in taxpayer funds to support Ukraine militarily in its conflict with Russia. “We reject your heightened escalation of this conflict as dangerous and a [...]

30 04, 2022

“All Human Conflict is Ultimately Theological.”—Cardinal Manning

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Michael Knowles frequently quotes the 19th century British Cardinal Manning who said "All human conflict is ultimately theological."  I had an experience of this yesterday afternoon.  I put up the following Tweet... ...and then countless leftists piled on me with unspeakably filthy reply Tweets.  Although I recently blogged here about how we on the right are all too quick to say any of our enemies are "possessed," many of the replies were so dark that I had to come to the conclusion that they were not coming from "bots" but from real people who are highly obsessed or even possessed by demons.  But what does this have to do with [...]

21 03, 2022

Continued Mass Psychosis Formation

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One can have truth without love, but one can not have love without truth.  Also, even though not all mental illness is directly due to sin, all sin eventually leads to mental illness.  Such mental illness now seems to include a large part of a North America's population actually desiring nuclear war.  This was something absent even in the Cold War of the 20th century.  The below graph reveals that if most people live in mortal sin, then most people will have insane desires:  NB I'm not saying that taking the C19 vaccine was necessarily a mortal sin. But I am saying that living in spiritual blindness for years has now [...]

15 03, 2022

Have America and Russia Switched Roles Since the 1980s?

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Putin is dangerous to the Ukrainians, but do you know who is more dangerous?  Michael Matt of RemnantTV points out that the globalist communists from the West who are stoking this war are much more dangerous to Ukrainians than anyone in Russia.  The New Western Communists who control CNN demand that you fight for the Ukrainians. But these globalists care about the Ukrainians as much as they cared about George Floyd or grandma catching COVID:  Not. at. all.  It's a ruse for thermonuclear war to reduce the global population—their constant eugenic-based goal in everything they do. As I wrote before, I do not consider Putin to be a good man. [...]

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