23 05, 2024

Did Christ’s Nature Change at His Baptism?

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One of the more common heresies over the last 50 years goes something like, "Jesus discovered His vocation at His baptism." Of course, that denies the Divinity of Christ.  But a reader recently told me about the opposite heresy she came across.  She saw that I recently said on social media that I do not read Private Messages (PM) or Direct Messages (DM.) So, she saw my email is on my Donate page. She wrote: Hello Father Nix. I enjoy your posts and podcasts I just saw your recent Facebook post regarding social media messages. I had sent you the following message on April 26. I’d like your input because [...]

17 04, 2024

Indifferentism on “Abrahamic Religions” From Virgin Most Powerful Radio

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Mr. Jesse Romero and Mr. Paul Clay and I discuss: Why do American evangelicals see the need to maintain a strong military state in Israel? Is there one or three "Abrahamic Religions"? The Biblical answer leads into no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Shorty version: https://youtu.be/e9bB4ruUU9Q?si=O_mYAllkUKSy55fi

16 04, 2024

God: Spes Única Mundi

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p/c R.P. at Holy Ghost. The pre-55 Easter Vigil's 12th Prophesy (sung before Holy Mass) ends with a prayer naming God as the "Only Hope of the World" (Spes Única Mundi.) I went to that very long vigil on Saturday night at a traditional parish in my area and then on Sunday Morning, I offered my own low Mass in my hermitage. Later that day, I started wondering if I was too heard on modernism.  Ultimately, my conclusion was:  Yes, in personal conversations.  No, in my online apostolate of Church reform. One of the reasons I came to the latter conclusion was thinking about how slowly many of the Eastern [...]

8 04, 2024

Three Heresies in “Dignitas Infinita.”

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The newly-invented "DDF" just released Dignitas Infinita. It has many heresies, but we'll just tackle a few below: Error 1: "The glorious Christ will judge by the love of neighbor that consists in ministering to the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, and the imprisoned, with whom he identifies (cf. Mt. 25:34-36). For Jesus, the good done to every human being, regardless of the ties of blood or religion, is the single criterion of judgment."—DI #12. Truth #1:  The interesting thing is that I "called it" even before it came out.  In a recent Video Lectio Divina I did on Matthew 25, I explained how modernist heretics [...]

2 04, 2024

The Resurrection of the Church

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On Palm Sunday, a donor and friend texted me an excerpt from The Familiar Explanation of Christian Doctrine written by Rev. Michael Müller, C.SS.R in 1876.  I know we all have a tendency to skip long "copy-and-pastes" on blogs we visit, but I really hope you read this Question/Answer on the indefectibility of the Catholic Church, for you will see:  As Christ raised Himself by His Divine Power, so also, Jesus Christ will raise us out of this Church crisis. Familiar Explanation of Christian Doctrine” by Rev. Michael Müller, C.SS.R., 1876 Lesson VII.—The Roman Catholic Church Cannot Be Destroyed Q. What is the world in which we live? A. It [...]

7 03, 2024

Is the Eucharist a “Prize For the Perfect”?

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Many modernist-heretics since the 1970s have purposefully conflated the requirement to receive Holy Communion in a state of grace with the notion of receiving Holy Communion in a state of perfection.  This is purposeful and diabolical ambiguity.  The Bible and the Catholic Church have always taught that one must receive Holy Communion in "a state of grace."  One need not be in a "state of perfection" (normally seen as the unitive stage of prayer, or the religious state or the state of being a bishop) to receive Holy Communion. In light of the above purposeful-conflation, modernist heretics since the 1970s have often said things like "The Eucharist is not a [...]

22 02, 2024

Christ’s Revelation Is Built Upon Natural Law

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Top-left: St. Thomas Aquinas.  Top-right: Person at  funeral for trans.-person at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, p/c Time Magazine. Recently, someone asked me about the Catholic Church's teaching on "transgenderism." Before we get to theology, we must realize that certain members of society identify as "transvestite." Transvestite means "one who has changed clothes."  It is obviously possible to change your clothes, whether this be for ordered reasons (like a certain male-martyr described in the ancient Roman Martyrology who dressed up as a woman to save a Christian woman in a Roman prison in order to replace her) or for disordered reasons, like a man erroneously believing he is a woman. [...]

8 02, 2024

The Filioque in the Eastern Fathers

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On my YouTube video series Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) we have been discussing the Trinity lately, especially "the Filioque."  The Filioque is Latin for "and the Son," as you say in the Nicene Creed. This means that you believe "in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver of Life, proceeding from the Father and the Son" (et in Spíritum Sanctum... qui ex Patre Filióque procédit.)  However, most Eastern Orthodox insist the Holy Spirit proceeds only from the Father.  Thus, most Eastern Orthodox reject the Filioque statement. To be sure, there are two debates at hand (not just two sides) but actually two debates.  The first debate (upon which this [...]

25 01, 2024

St. Maximilian Kolbe Rejected “Ecumenism.”

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In 2022, I wrote in an article titled Ecumenical: Old and New Definitions and it included these two definitions: "Ecumenical for the first thousand years of Christianity was an adjective to describe dogmatic meetings of orthodox bishops who cared about accurately defining the Catholic Faith," and New Advent's definition: "Ecumenical Councils are those to which the bishops, and others entitled to vote, are convoked from the whole world (oikoumene) under the presidency of the pope or his legates, and the decrees of which, having received papal confirmation, bind all Christians.'" Unfortunately, the term "ecumenism" has been commandeered in the 20th century by "progressive Catholics" to mean what was once called "the [...]

4 01, 2024

The Papal-Coronation Oath

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The following is the Coronation-Oath made by most or all Pope-Elects from at least 678 AD until the 1960s (when it was eradicated.) Notice what old-school Popes used to call down upon themselves, should they divert from Jesus Christ’s teaching as given to the Apostles: “I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein; "To the contrary: with glowing affection as her truly faithful student and successor, to safeguard reverently the passed-on good, with my whole strength and utmost effort; To cleanse all that is in [...]

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