4 10, 2022

238 Infallible Dogmas of the Catholic Church

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One of the most common questions I get is: "Which Dogmas are Infallible in the Catholic Church?" In 2013, the website Tradicat was able to conglomerate from the late Dr. Ludwig Ott's book, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma about 238 dogmas that are either De Fide (defined by the Catholic Church as infallible) or Sent. Certa (infallible by corollary.) I improved Tradicat's numbering system a bit below, but Dr. Ott and Dr. Daniel Stramara did the hard work on this long ago. More recently, Fr. Paul Kramer and Dr. Edmund Mazza have revealed that despite being a modernist, and despite hiding the Third Secret of Fatima, Pope Benedict XVI has denied none [...]

23 08, 2022

“Ecumenical:” Old and New Definitions

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Top Left:  An icon of St. Maximus the Confessor, a 7th century Greek monk loyal to Rome.  Top Right:  An "icon" of Fr. Hans Urs Von Balthasar SJ, a Jesuit of the 20th century. Ecumenical for the first thousand years of Christianity was an adjective to describe dogmatic meetings of orthodox bishops who cared about accurately defining the Catholic Faith.  New Advent has a good definition: "Ecumenical Councils are those to which the bishops, and others entitled to vote, are convoked from the whole world (oikoumene) under the presidency of the pope or his legates, and the decrees of which, having received papal confirmation, bind all Christians."  All 21 ecumenical [...]

25 07, 2022

Should You Obey Your Superior or the Bible?

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Should You Obey Your Superior or the Bible?  Hopefully, both.  In happier days of the Church, there was never a rub between the two. But I keep getting emails and texts requesting help on understanding obedience. What does a physician do at a hospital if the CEO wants him to take an abortion-tainted injection? What does a teenager do if his parents tell him to go to a Drag-Queen story hour at the local library? What does a priest do if his bishop tells him to no longer preach on Fatima or offer the Traditional Latin Mass? These are questions I am getting from more than just traditionalists. In fact, [...]

1 07, 2022

The Last CPX (and my Upcoming RCT)

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Yesterday, we released the very last CPX video, found on this YouTube playlist.  CPX stands for Catechism of Pius X.  It is my doctrinal and catechetical series of 15 minute videos numbered from 1 to 113.   Each video contains about five minutes of my reading an old-school catechism and then about ten minutes of my commentary on it.  Of course, my commentary is not as important as the words of a canonized Pope from 100 years ago.  However, my application to a post-modern man who is battling the heresy of modernism is something the holy Pope never expected to be in the battle-array of a priest in the not-too-distant [...]

17 03, 2022

Teaching Playlists on YouTube

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My YouTube channel is here.  On that channel, I have five "playlists."  A "playlist" is a group of videos all linked by a common theme.  Each playlist could be seen as a University "course" with each video being a "class."  My playlists mostly follow a teaching pattern and they are arranged in a particular order, usually doctrinal in a catechism series or chapter-based in a Gospel series of similar videos.  I'd encourage you follow one of these playlists, especially if you have never heard of my podcasts or if you get tired of my Church-reform based blogging here.  My videos are not only free to all users, but they are also [...]

27 01, 2022

If Evolution is True, We’re Just Walking Meat-Sacks

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If evolution is true (directed by God or not) then why do modernist Catholics speak so much of "human dignity"?  Human dignity shouldn't be "a thing" if we're descended from apes. Yet most of the modern Popes and Cardinals and bishops for the past 50 years have promoted a directed evolution (an evolution directed by God) while paradoxically pushing "human dignity" with barely any references to Divine Revelation. I think modernists truly believe both in evolution and "human-dignity," but they also seem to think this is a strategic approach to evangelization: If we talk about science and humans, we'll win the smart, young people.  Unfortunately, the stats show the opposite: Countless [...]

30 12, 2021

The Illinois State Capitol and “Religious Liberty”

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Just before Christmas 2021, a baby-Satan was installed next to the Nativity Set in the Illinois State Capitol found in Springfield, IL.  Tradition, Family and Property prayed against this event in the Capitol building the very day it happened.  Raymond Arroyo on Fox News covered this horrible event with Franklin Graham. What does the Catholic Church think about this?  At the gut-level, everyone is disgusted.  But let's consider this at a doctrinal level.  The "pastoral" (non-dogmatic) Second Vatican Council had a "Declaration on Religious Freedom" called Dignitatis Humanæ.  In this document, we read that "the right to religious freedom has its foundation not in the subjective disposition of the person, [...]

26 12, 2021

Why Did God Become Man? A Simple Explanation

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Would the Eternal Word have become incarnate if Adam had never sinned? Some religious in the Middle-Ages answered in the negative to this. However, the Franciscans answered in the positive. The latter view would become known as the Absolute Primacy of Christ. I hold to this view, namely, that the Second Person of the Trinity would have indeed become Jesus Christ even if Adam and Eve had never sinned.  However, even for those who hold to the Absolute Primacy of Christ (like the Franciscans and me) we clearly assert that the propitiation for our sins was a major reason for the Incarnation.  Of course, the Incarnation is when God the [...]

14 11, 2021

How Hard Is It To Avoid Heresy?

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Consider a putatively-conservative Roman Catholic archbishop who invites his priests to pray with Lutherans in a Lutheran community building.  This really happened.  But because this bishop is "pro-life," he is considered "conservative" by most of his laity.  Thus, most mainstream Catholics will pretty quickly forgive a bishop inviting their own Catholic priests to a Lutheran prayer service.  That is, if they even think there's anything to forgive in that.  I think the attitude among most of the laity today is basically: Well, I make mistakes in my vocation, so I can't judge my superiors who make mistakes in their vocations. Fair enough.  There's some humility in that attitude. But there's [...]

11 11, 2021

St. Vincent of Lerins on how to Navigate a Church Crisis

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Many Catholics think that "Catholic" means "universal," and they are correct, but they make the mistake of thinking this is universal not through history but just today in this current Church crisis.   We look to the great saint and doctor of the Church of the 5th century, St. Vincent of Lerins, for how to navigate a Church crisis when many bishops believe and teach different things.  St. Vincent of Lerins was one of the very, very few bishops who fought against the global 5th century heresy of Arianism believed by 99% of the bishops of his day.  We will see below in his writings why "Catholic" does not mean [...]

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