30 04, 2024

Archaeologism Part I: The Synod of Pistoia

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Before looking at the Synod of Pistoia, let's define Archaeologism (also called antiquarianism.)  Unam Sanctam defines it: Archaeologism is not so much a heresy as a fad, a certain approach to Catholic liturgy and practice. Its distinguishing characteristic is an excessive value placed on those Catholic practices which came earlier in historical-chronological succession. For the archaeologist, first is always best. A practice or prayer of the patristic Church is “better” or “purer” than a practice of the medieval Church. Consequently, the goal of any true liturgical renewal ought to be to return to the practice of the first Christians, inasmuch as possible. The modern Church ought to imitate the apostolic [...]

28 04, 2024

Reconnaissance Mission in the Mediterranean

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If we see the prophesied "Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" before the end of the world, there is reason to believe we'll get a traditional Pope (as miraculous as that would be) and my hope in that would begin the resuscitation of the international missions of the Catholic Church.  Perhaps I would leave my hermit life and begin or join an international congregation if that happened.  Or more than likely, I would continue my current life and simply go deeper into contemplation and also deeper into international missions.  (This is why I learned French and Spanish and Portuguese, anyway.)  Or perhaps I will be old, and I'll just [...]

25 04, 2024

Does a Priest Need a Lay Person at His Mass?

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p/c Notre-Dame De Fontgombault Several years ago, as I was switching from the new sacraments to the ancient Roman sacraments, I stopped at a parish in Tampa one afternoon.  I asked the parish secretary if I could offer Holy Mass there.  She asked who was going to attend my Mass.  I said I was alone.  She looked bewildered.  No youth group?  No family of origin traveling with you?  The parish secretary only thought of the Mass in anthropocentric terms:  If no one was there to receive Holy Communion, why would this priest show up at her parish and try to offer Mass alone?  It was as crazy to this lady [...]

23 04, 2024

Better to Attend a Parish That Lacks Truth? Or One That Lacks Love?

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Should you attend a parish that promotes truth or charity?  The obvious answer is both.  But what if you had to choose?  I ask this parish-based question because I have been hearing horror stories lately on some unbelievably mean things that traditional priests have said in the confessional to lay people.  Also, we just saw more priest-child scandals explode from the past in the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) world.  But the question I am proposing here doesn't have to do with such scandals.  Obviously, one must avoid like the plague any parish with a groomer priest.  I am talking about something slightly more nuanced than the following dilemma but here's [...]

18 04, 2024

Bill Maher Admits Abortion is Murder.

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Recently on his show, Bill Maher shocked his audience in admitting that pro-lifers are correct: "They think it’s murder—and it kind of is." The audience enters a nervous silence. Then he adds a shocking line: "I’m just okay with that." The audience enters another nervous silence, not sure if he's joking. But he is not. He adds: "There’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you.” Wow. Bill Maher ADMITS abortion is “murder” and that he is “okay with that.” “I can respect the absolutist position. I really can... They think it’s murder—and it kind of is. I’m just okay with that. There’s 8 billion people [...]

17 04, 2024

Indifferentism on “Abrahamic Religions” From Virgin Most Powerful Radio

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Mr. Jesse Romero and Mr. Paul Clay and I discuss: Why do American evangelicals see the need to maintain a strong military state in Israel? Is there one or three "Abrahamic Religions"? The Biblical answer leads into no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Shorty version: https://youtu.be/e9bB4ruUU9Q?si=O_mYAllkUKSy55fi

16 04, 2024

God: Spes Única Mundi

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p/c R.P. at Holy Ghost. The pre-55 Easter Vigil's 12th Prophesy (sung before Holy Mass) ends with a prayer naming God as the "Only Hope of the World" (Spes Única Mundi.) I went to that very long vigil on Saturday night at a traditional parish in my area and then on Sunday Morning, I offered my own low Mass in my hermitage. Later that day, I started wondering if I was too heard on modernism.  Ultimately, my conclusion was:  Yes, in personal conversations.  No, in my online apostolate of Church reform. One of the reasons I came to the latter conclusion was thinking about how slowly many of the Eastern [...]

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