I frequently hear traditional Catholics say something like, “The natural sciences are inferior and subject to the theological sciences.” While this is true, many traditional Catholics often imply there is a contradiction between science and Divine Revelation. Or some believe if there ever were to be found to be a contradiction between biology and religion, religion trumps science. This also is true, but the contradiction is often framed by traditional Catholics as if there really could be a contradiction between our Catholic faith and the natural sciences. (By natural sciences, I mean biology, chemistry, astronomy, geology, meteorology, genetics, etc.)

The fear of leftists treating science as a religion is well-founded among us traditionalists. Many leftists and atheists claim “science” as their reason for rejecting God.  Strangely, they then accept unscientific principles like abortion and evolution. The traditional Catholic rightly has a knee-jerk reaction against this idolatry.   But remember:  People who claim to “follow the science” also subscribe to climate-change alarmism, vaccines, contraception, , IVF, eugenics and an earth that is allegedly billions of years old.  In other words, the left holds religiously to superstitious assertions that have never been proved by the scientific method, and which contradicts all the evidence out there. 

We Apostolic Catholics need to reject this false-dichotomy entirely. While it is true that the left makes idols of what they call science, they are not in fact doing real science at all. Not only have modern leftists and atheists rejected the supernatural sciences (ie the Bible and the Magisterium) but they have rejected the classic scientific method of establishing theses in pursuit of hard evidence to reveal objective truth in the material world and ultimately lead to solid conclusions in the natural sciences (again, biology, chemistry, astronomy, geology, meteorology, genetics, etc.)

The first and most obvious reason why there could never be “a rub” between the supernatural sciences and the natural sciences is because the Blessed Trinity is the author of both.  Thus, we should not be afraid of theology or science.

The second reason we need to have no fear of the natural sciences is because the leftists and atheists who claim to “follow the science” are the most superstitious people alive.  These are the people most likely to reject the scientific method.  They teach evolution, which is scientifically the most stupid theory I have ever come across in my life, even studying pre-Med at Boston College. In fact, I came to the conclusion that evolution was bogus long before I was a traditional Catholic.  Studying molecular and cellular biology under a Harvard professor, I realized there was simply no chance evolution was a valid theory. (And my professor believed in evolution, I am sure.) Again, this was years before I even knew that every Pope of the Catholic Church fully rejected evolution (at least before Vatican II.)

But the last seventy years have proven that those who idolize “science” are science’s greatest enemies. The clearest and most horrendous example of this is the denial of the humanity of pre-born children that leads to millions of slaughtered children every year across the globe. The second (and closely tied) error is the denial that the oral contraceptive causes not only abortions, but also pulmonary embolisms and strokes in the women who take them.   As I wrote above, science was supposed to be the pursuit of hard evidence to lead to solid conclusions in the natural sciences.  But now most University science departments are entirely driven by politics and money.

The last five years have been a total unveiling that scientists are following dark magic, not real science.  Dr. Peter McCullough said in 2021: “We know that 50 percent of deaths due to the vaccine occur within two days, 80 percent within a week…. We have independent evaluations suggesting 86% [of deaths] is related to the vaccine.”  The fact that the Covid vaccine has killed 17,000,000 people at this point makes it clear that the covid vaccine has killed more than the covid virus (especially when the latter’s fake numbers are revealed.)

One other thing to realize is that the masterminds at the top of the left’s food-chain don’t believe the lies they have convinced the plebs on the left to believe.  There are dozens of examples, but two small examples are the following:  1) The Obamas constantly push climate alarmism, but then turn around and purchase multi-million dollar beachfront homes in Hawaii and Massachusetts.  (Why would they purchase homes on the beach if they believed the tides were rising?)  2) Gov. Newsom of California, at the height of the scamdemic, had all of California masked and locked down while he partied at the French Laundry with no masks or social distancing.  These people don’t believe any of the lies the hoi polloi do!

But the fact that a PhD in biology is not publicly allowed to answer the question “What is a woman?” is helpful to anyone seeking the truth today.  The left’s dark art (which they call “science”) is nothing but a superstition used to justify even the mutilation of boys to become “girl”s and vice versa. This is a clear unveiling (apocalypse in Greek) that so-called “science” for the Western atheist mind is not only bad science, but even bad religion. The bad guys have none of the natural sciences in their corner, from their admittedly-fake climate-alarmism to feigning inability to identify a boy or a girl to forcing masks on people they don’t believe in.

As for Apostolic Catholics, even if we avoid the brainwashing University system, we still need to accelerate in the natural sciences by admitting the left has neither religion nor science.  We must have the courage to see that true science will never contradict the true Faith.  God is the author of both Apostolic Catholicism and the natural sciences,

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