A few times in the past, I had on my YouTube channel a man named Joseph Sciambra who had gone from an extremely dangerous gay lifestyle in San Francisco to becoming a traditional and chaste Catholic. He has since become Eastern Orthodox, partly due to the promotion of the gay-agenda within the Catholic Church.  A few years ago, Joseph indicated to me how the few people attending Fr. James Martin talks were almost all old. I believe he described such tiny Church-basement gatherings as being comprised of “parents of gays who want to change Church teaching.” Joseph is right even today:  It’s mostly straight old white people who are getting pumped at these so-called “changes” in the Catholic Church.

Where are the most intense people in the LGBT movement? Ironically, they know the same thing as TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) Catholics: The Catholic Church will never change her teaching on sixth and ninth commandment sins, because such teachings are found in the Bible.

Of course, the hard-core people of the LGBT community are not thrilled about the fact that the Catholic Church will never change her teaching on sexual sins. And, of course, TLM Catholics are indeed thrilled about the fact the Catholic Church can never change her teaching on sexual sins (despite an infiltration of men who hold the temporal control-stick to the Church.) But these two opposite groups now perceive what the lukewarm bellcurve-hump of the Catholic world apparently cannot see:  The Catholic Church’s Magisterium will not change.

Fiducia Supplicans” will lead souls to hell because many people erroneously believe this is a valid document.  (It’s not, for reasons I explained in the last two paragraphs here.)  I’m not saying everything is fine in our evangelization just because we know Church teaching can’t change.  Of course, the ancient morals of the Catholic Church still need to be defended by American bishops. But even if they don’t defend Church teaching, I still don’t think you will see a tidal wave of young people from the roughest LGBT lifestyle go rushing into a Catholic parish just because of recent documents that have come out of Rome. Why? Because they know in their hearts that a temporary regime-change in the Vatican will not alter what the Catholic Church has taught for 2,000 years. And why waste time in Church anyway?

Every Catholic who is honest (on both left and right) knows that Fiducia Supplicans is not about evangelizing those with same-sex attraction. In fact, the most honest of those struggling with same-sex attraction have always known how to approach a 2,000 year old traditional institution established by Jesus Christ Himself: It’s the same way all “straight people” approach the confessional or baptismal font, by deciding to “repent and believe in the Gospel.”—Mk 1:15.

Also, we know Fiducia Supplicans is not about pastoral-outreach since those men and women most firmly set in the LGBT lifestyle are not going to go flocking to their local Catholic priest for “a blessing” or even “a wedding” (as I had originally predicted.) A few might do that, but not those who have spent several years at Columbia University reading about how “bigoted” the Catholic Church has been for 2,000 years. Hard-core leftists have figured out what most lukewarm American Catholics haven’t:  A single man in Rome cannot change a 2,000 year old divine institution.

Fiducia Supplicans is attempting to destroy the Catholic Church and her constant dogma. The hard-core LGBT community and the hard-core TLM community ironically have one thing in common: They both know it will not happen.