p/c Catholic Arena, Dublin.

Recently, Tucker Carlson gave a talk in Las Vegas, found in-part here.  Below in italics are my favorite quotes from his talk.  Following each quote, I apply it to the current situation in the Catholic Church, especially in relation to the clergy.

Tucker Carlson: I can’t think of a single case where someone was destroyed for lying. There’s no penalty for lying…What they did was tell the truth.  And that is the case everywhere…But go through the last fifteen famous people who were canceled for “saying the wrong thing” and ask yourself:  “Is the thing they said wrong?”

Me:  Do a little experiment on paper with me here.  On the left side of a piece of paper, write the names of the ten most infamously corrupt heretical priests, bishops and Cardinals.  On the right side of the paper, write the names of the most famous courageous priests, bishops and Cardinals who are faithful to the Magisterium.  Then, cross out the names in both columns of clerics who have been punished by the Vatican or a chancery for scandal, abuse heresy, or financial malfeasance.  You’ll notice on the left side of the paper that nine of the ten are still in active ministry or retired without punishment.  You’ll also notice that nine of the ten on the right side of your paper had their ministry destroyed for doing the right thing or telling an unpopular truth.  As Tucker said:  “I can’t think of a single case where someone was destroyed for lying.”  (There’s a non-comprehensive list of canceled priests and bishops here.)

Tucker:  You cannot punish people for telling the truth, period.  Or else, you become an Empire of Lies—in every sense—both in a literal sense and in a spiritual sense.  That is just true.  And if you are governed by people who actively hate the truth and who lie for the sheer animal thrill of doing so, you are living in a dark time under very dark people.  And the stakes are the ultimate stakes.  It’s not about who gets elected.  It’s about what happens to the world and your soul.

Me:  The people who say “Don’t worry about the crisis in the Church” have not only a poor Ecclesiology, but also a poor Christology.  Here’s why:  Not only is Jesus Christ Our God and Our Savior, but He is also our Friend.  Friends must love the same thing.  If the crisis in the Church breaks the Sacred Heart of Jesus (as it surely must since it is losing souls) then it must also break the heart of His closest friends.  Christ’s closest friends don’t sit on their hands and say “Jesus will take care of His own Church.”  No, a good friend will fight for the same thing as his Best-Friend, namely, the salvation of souls.  The hijacking of the Church hierarchy really matters because, as Tucker said, “It’s not about who gets elected.  It’s about what happens to the world and your soul.”

Tucker:  What can you do about that?  I have no freakin’ idea what you can do!  Write your Congressman?  He’s not going to read your letter.  Go to your School-board meeting?  You’re going to get arrested!  I think you should do it anyway.  I think the only way to stay alive and fully human in a moment like this is to resolve that you are going to tell the truth in every and all circumstances.

Me:  Yes, tell the truth about Jesus and His Church being the only way to heaven, regardless of consequences.  Tell the truth of Our Lady of Fatima and communism, regardless of consequences.  Tell the truth about “the Council,” regardless of consequences.  Tell the truth about the papacy, regardless of consequences.  Tell the truth about corruption in the CCHD, regardless of consequences.  Tell all your sins in confession, regardless of consequences.  Tell those you hurt that you’re sorry, regardless of consequences.  Tell those you love that you love them, regardless of consequences.  Tell those who might be physical or spiritual predators to your family to stay far away from your loved ones, regardless of consequences.

Tucker:  You should never allow yourself to repeat something you know is not true.  That will destroy you.  That is the mark not of a free man or a citizen but of a slave.  That is the difference between freedom and slavery is the right to say what you actually think.  That is the line.  And anyone who is trying to force you to lie is: A) Your enemy and B) Believes that you are sub-human.  Because that’s not the way you treat adults.  By definition.  You have to deal with adults.  They may have different views, different interests, different goals.  And you have to contend with them through the aforementioned of process of politics, through negotiations… You are not allowed to say to a free adult citizen, “Shut up, do this.”

Me:  The liberal totalitarian dictators currently running the show refrain from  their self-styled “synodality,” but rather ironically use brute force.  Those removing good bishops and Cardinals are not using evidence or even what Tucker just named as “negotiations.”  Rather, they are treating the average faithful Catholic layman and the average Catholic priest as slaves.  Why?  First, because this has been a long time in the making.  But secondly, many decent Catholic are either ignorant or afraid or complicit.   When you live in fear of the truth, you live as a slave.  And so this may be one reason why St. Paul revealed what the opposite looks like for the true Christian: For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.—Gal 5:1

So, it seems Tucker (a non-Catholic) is almost telling all Catholics to ignore the elite infiltrators.  If they’re lying, they’re making you a slave. So, we must speak the entire truth in charity.  Yes, you must take care of own spiritual life first.  But when it comes to Church affairs, remember that truth or lies emanating from your lips is the mark of a free-man or a slave-man, respectively.  You must refuse to be the slave of heretics, even if they offer you an easy life in this worst Church-crisis in 2000 years.  And yes, I really believe this current situation is worse than the Arian crisis of the 4th century.