Why do trads keep guessing the outcomes correctly in nearly every issue happening in current events? I usually point out that conservatives and traditionalists understand truth better than liberals and leftists because we put evidence ahead of identity politics. I still think that’s the main reason why we keep “getting it” on so many current events in Church and State. But today, I want to explore some additional reasons.

After talking to many traditional Catholics over the past three years, I can say with confidence that over well over 90% of them refused the COVID vaccine.  That number may be above 95%.  The vaccine is just one of a dozen issues of current events where I trust conservative and traditional voices.  Even though one day mocked as “prophets of doom,” we were almost always exonerated in cold-cut statistics the next year.

First, let’s look at the evidence to see how many lives the mRNA-rearranging poison took from among our loved ones.  Steve Kirsch wrote an article Substack titled The “died suddenly” vax vs. unvaxxed statistics tell you everything you need to know.  In it, he shows various groupings of statistics that reveal only 1 out of 1000 of everyone who “died suddenly” over the past two years were unvaccinated in the United States.  Yet 25% of the US population is unvaccinated! Mr. Kirsch claims this is “statistically impossible,” unless the vaccine itself has killed millions of people who never received a cause of death.

The government and media will never admit the vaccine caused an enormous increase in all-cause mortality the last few years.  So where does Kirsch get these statistics that so few unvaccinated are numbered among the “died suddenly”?

Let’s get to the theological question behind all of this: Why did we traditional Catholics “guess” the vaccine would kill many people?  It’s not just because we distrust everything coming out of the mainstream media (even though we do.) It’s also because Apostolic Catholics attempt to follow the classic principles of the Natural Law and Divine Revelation when applied to modern current events.

Every American Catholic has access to the same evidence online. But apparently only trads saw that Darwinian evolution is a hoax and we know climate-change is a hoax and we know the scamdemic was a hoax and we know the election/conclave were hoaxes and we saw the J6-accusation was a hoax and we see the necessity of US involvement in a war is a hoax.  And we knew the synod would be a hoax from the start. (Yes, I still believe the earth is round.)

In regards to the above paragraph, I should say most of those are mostly-hoaxes. For example, climate-change exists, even though the most pronounced fluctuations happened before the Industrial Revolution (meaning global population has nothing to do with it.) Or, for example, I obviously believe something called a “synod” just took place in Rome, but the notion it was democratic instead of pre-determined was a lie as demonstrated here.

Why do trads see all these things so clearly? The answer is surprising for a group of people frequently called Jansenists: We actually trust in the goodness of God.  We trust in the goodness of God working through our common sense and the Holy Spirit’s gift of counsel more than the advice and admiration of men, especially more than globalists causing all this confusion in Church and State.

If you think this isn’t about legalism versus trust, consider how many normy Catholics bent over backwards in 2021 to justify taking a vaccine based on exclusively the fact that a few goofballs who got ordained told them the vaccine carried only “remote and indirect cooperation” in the killing of the babies used to make such injections.   Even if that were true (and I’m not sure it is) then we still must ask: Why put legalism on what I can do without incurring mortal sin above what I should do for the glory of God and my health?

Granted, many Catholics (and even non-Catholics) did listen to me and others in refraining from the vaccine. Some of them still write me to thank me for such guidance in saving their families from the Bill Gates poison.  But why did most American Catholics still take it?  Some people—now with regrets for having taken it— blame it on the advice of the Vatican and the bishops. And I get that.

But the lay folks are not totally off the hook. They took the vaccine after they purposely cherrypicked the arguments of a few doofus priests online who said something like the covid vaccine only had “remote and indirect cooperation with abortion.” Even conservative laymen apparently wanted to believe leftist priests out of laziness to keep their jobs. I hope they all read this new book which reveals a 40% increase in all-cause mortality between 2020 to 2021 that can only be due to the vaccine.

Most traditional Catholics never got that vaccine.  It’s not because we keep “guessing” current events in the right way, or because we trust nobody but ourselves. It’s because most traditional Catholics put Natural Law and Divine Revelation ahead of legal loopholes like “reduced culpability if I just take the vaccine because my pastor told me to.”  We Apostolic Catholics actually believe in God’s goodness, even when obedience to Him carries the cost of being mocked by other Catholics… for a short time…until the truth comes out.

It’s simple: Besides following evidence over identity-politics, we also believe God can’t change, so neither should His principles of discernment on current events.

This difference between trad Catholics and normy Catholics is so much bigger than the old boring line: “Trads have the Mass in Latin, but we have it in English”  You see, we’re talking about not just two different doctrinal and liturgical systems, but even different systems of discernment.  As the opening sentence in my article explains above, I estimate well over 90% (and possibly over 95%) of traditional Catholics refrained from getting that deadly injection.  That is an enormous chasm of discernment between the two groups of Catholics in this country.  And it’s not because we got lucky or “guessed” the vaccine was bad news.

If you’re not a traditional Catholic, I’m not writing this to criticize you.  I’m saying this because I want you to join us.  And by “join,” I don’t mean that in the sense of a cult.  In fact, a cult is defined not by numbers but when a group puts a man over God.  (Re-read that last sentence slowly.)

We must, then, obey God rather than man. That means doing discernment with principles of classic Divine Revelation more than finding excuses to do evil as long as it be “remote and indirect cooperation.”  Yes, now it’s more important than ever to put God before fake-obedience as we have almost as many doctrinal opinions as priests and parishes in the USA.  Of course, I’m not saying any of us Rad-Trads are saints. But we do try to pay attention to how the saints thought and discerned. We simply pay more attention to those saintly patterns of discernment than, say, the USCCB which was purchased by the Democratic Party even before COVID started.