“Modernism” is not an adaptation of some ancient Gospel to a needy modern man.  Neither is modernism living a healthy Catholicism that simply rejects a rad-trad time-warp. Rather, modernism is “the synthesis of all heresies, “as Pope St. Pius X has written, and we know heresy leads to hell.  What are these heresies?  I have included two or three aspects of modernism in past writings, but as I now want to include up to six deadly aspects found at the heart of modernism:
  1. A Man-Centered Religion:  Modernism replaces a vertical-religion for a horizontal-religion.  One example of this is how the Mass of the modernist faces man, not God.  Or, at the level of moral theology, modernism inverts the two Great Commandments, placing what is “pastoral” ahead of the 10-commandments.  These aren’t pie-in-the-sky examples.  This clash is seen any weekend at a diocesan parish that offers both the old Mass and the new Mass.
  2. A Supernatural Religion Is Replaced by a Natural Religion:  I once watched a series on “Catholicism” that admitted the miracles of the New Testament were true, but explained the miracles of the Old Testament were legends.  Why the arbitrary distinction between Old Testament and New Testament?  Is the bishop who made that series a Marcion heretic?  I don’t know, but anytime true miracles are downgraded to mere legends, you’re dealing with a modernist heretic.  Modernists always think they’ll be better accepted by PhDs out there if they can prove they follow a natural religion in place of a supernatural religion, namely, true Catholicism.  (And let’s keep in mind:  Neither PhDs or street-workers are going to convert for anyone who denies their own principles, least of all those of Catholicism.)
  3. Marxism:  Even though the “Liberation Theology” is not as popular in Latin America today as it was in the 1970s, the small group of extreme leftists in charge of the Church today repeatedly show their Marxist colors in attempting not to save souls from the devil, but to save the world from Capitalism.   For example, even the documents of Vatican II repeatedly calls for the Catholic priest and lay person to help the world seek more “progress” among her own projects.  But Our Lord Jesus specifically outlined the Apostles’ relationship to the world:  I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. As You sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.—John 17:15-18.  We are called to be in the world, but not of the world.  The recent synod calling for climate alarmism, gay-blessings and possible female ordination is proof that Communism has now fully infiltrated the Vatican.  Furthermore, only “the errors of Russia” (as Our Lady of Fatima called them) could account for most bishops of the world calling for their people to take an abortion-tainted mRNA re-arranger in 2021.  That is communism, not concrete buildings.
  4. Inerrancy of Scripture Overturned in Modernism:  One of the first Jesuits to fall into major heresy on Divine Revelation was Fr. George Tyrrell SJ.  Tyrrell was born in 1861 and he was expelled from the Jesuits in 1906.  Notice this was long before Vatican II!  But once a Catholic doubts the inerrancy of Scripture, everything is downstream from that error, including sexual morals and even liturgy.  Why?  Because the Bible is the very Word of God.  And Satan’s very first temptation to man and woman in the Garden was to doubt what God had said:  “Did God actually say…?”—Satan in Gen 3:1.  Once you believe the Word of God can be dissected in a literary-critical method, you have lost the Faith.  Not a backwater “Bible-beating” Baptist faith.  The Catholic Faith is lost when you dissect the Bible with  the literary-critical method.  Our highest-level of written Divine Revelation is the Bible (from which the Protestants have removed important books.)
  5. Eastern Religions:  In seminary, when I lived with a religious congregation in Mexico, I asked if liberation theology was a great threat to Mexican Catholics.  They answered in the negative, but then proceeded to say how many Catholic priests were experimenting with Eastern Religions.  Furthermore in Calcutta I went into a Jesuit chapel and I saw a Jesuit doing yoga there!  But this is found at the Church at-large, too:  From Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s admiration of New Age-promoting Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin to Pope John Paul II promoting Eastern Religions at Assisi to recent pictures of clerics making Catholicism appear as one of many world religions recently in Mongolia, many Catholic clerics are worshipping or at least tampering with demons under the guise of playing with Eastern Religions.  It is no wonder few Catholic bishops can affirm that Jesus is the only way to the Father, as He Himself asserted in John 14:6.
  6. Evolution:  Darwinian Evolution is not only a crock of poop scientifically, but it has been the keystone to philosophical and theological atheism over the past 100 years.  Saying you believe in “theistic evolution” is as silly as saying you believe in “theistic atheism,” especially when you consider how evolution is founded on no scientific proof.  But there’s an important connection between the lie of Darwinian Evolution and the so-called “Development of Doctrine”: If mankind can evolve, then so can doctrine.   Truly, evolution is the center of every Catholic heresy today.