One headline I saw last week read “Biden says new covid shots ‘that work’ may be on the way for all Americans.” This is probably funny to most of my readers but the notion that a new injection “that works” obviously implies the last shot did not work.  At all.

Actually, it worked perfectly:  It reduced the world’s population as Bill Gates promised it would.  And many of us lost a loved one who didn’t listen to us.

But why is a certain segment of leftists still blinded to this obvious truth? I think of when Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, trying to figure out the Truth (but still ashamed to admit he knew Him—hence coming to Him at night.) Our Lord said to him: “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”

In other words, if you can’t believe natural truths, you certainly won’t believe supernatural truths. And unfortunately, the left is that blind in Church and State right now: If the left rejects the basic truths of Natural Law, then they will not see the higher truths of Divine Law.  Why?  Because they’re higher by definition.

As I have written many times before, Communism is not a love of concrete buildings or olive uniforms or even socialism as found in economics. Communism is anytime the State attempts to replace God. But Marxists don’t look simply for their system to replace God as Creator. Their diabolical system aims also to replace God as Savior.

The left does not know Jesus Christ as Savior (even for those who claim Him as Savior with their mouth or writing.) Why?  For one, because they expect the State to be their savior. Just as man can not serve both God and mammon, so also you can’t have a Savior in Christ Crucified and a corrupt government. You must pick.  You only get one savior from death, disease and sin.  And because the left has no True Savior, the State must be their Savior.

Many communist countries like Hungary made the wrong decision through the 1980s. But they are coming to their senses to see they were lied to.  They see their former communist-regimes tortured and killed people, that it provided no freedom or even economic benefit. This is why countries like Hungary are slowly coming to accept the basics of Natural Law (hence, the government encouragement to have more children.)  Decent laws on Natural Law are not enough to be saved eternally, but they prepare the heart and mind for Divine Law. And the center of this Divine Revelation is the fact that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World.

But we in the United States are probably only at the beginning of our Communist Coup.  Keep in mind the “errors of Russia” one hundred years ago are now the “errors of America.”  This seems to be the only political system ever warned against by the Mother of God in a Church-recognized apparition.  Yes, Mary warned against the left at Fatima, and that should give any leftist Catholic pause as to what they’re promoting. So don’t be surprised if (despite all the evidence against the shot) leftist Catholics believe their apostate puppet-leader Biden that this next covid shot will finally be one “that works.”

They have chosen a path of willful blindness to Satan at this point.  They are not beyond redemption, but their path is a very dangerous one in believing so many obvious lies.  As Our Lord said, “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”

Traditional Catholics will continue to stand for the fact that Jesus Christ is their Savior, not the State. This isn’t because we are stubborn or disobedient, but because we know our Natural Law and Divine Revelation. Even the non-Catholic Epoch Times last week mentioned why trad Catholics stood against the madness so well two years ago:

“Think back to those times. Who resisted? Certainly the traditional Catholics did, more than a few of them devoted to the older form of liturgy with Latin and all the smells and bells. They teach a stricter doctrine about sin and salvation than you get from the watered-down version in modern parish life. Those people were certainly among the resistance to government decrees.”

St. Miguel Pro, Mexican Jesuit, saint and martyr executed by communists in the 20th century as seen in Wisconsin Marian Shrine.