When I first started finding all the corruption in the Catholic Church hierarchy, I actually bent-over backwards to blame everything except Vatican II.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  I really didn’t want to admit the entire Catholic Church on seven continents got overturned in the 1960s, so I started telling myself that the US bishops were bad… ah, but the rest of the world had implemented Vatican II in a much more conservative way!

Of course, I soon found out in my travels that I was wrong.  The heresy of modernism came part-in-parcel with all the new sacraments and the new doctrine of ecumenism (read:  religious indifferentism) in every country I visited.  One of these countries was Brazil.  What I found in Brazil was worse modernism and worse liturgical abuses than anything I had seen in the United States.  No, the USCCB was not the problem.  No, the Jesuits were not the problem.  The heresy of modernism was the problem, and it’s everywhere, enshrined in Vatican II.

The monstrosity of a building in the featured image above is the Cathedral of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  It’s northwest of Rio De Janeiro (where I have been a couple times on mission after learning Portuguese.)  Belo Horizonte made the news this past week when a priest apparently denied a girl Holy Communion because she wanted to receive kneeling and on the tongue right after being confirmed by the auxiliary bishop.  This happened on 6 Aug 2023.  Many of you have already seen the video (Warning:  Typical Latin-American immodesty in the newly-confirmed.)

I believe the heresy of modernism is not the use of modern technology, but two things we can extrapolate from Pascendi:  1) Replacing the supernatural with the natural.  and 2) Replacing a God-centered religion with a man-centered religion.  Think about that term “man-centered.”  If a man-centered theology is modernism, then a man-centered psychology is narcissism.  That is why I call this blog post Modernism Always Includes Narcissism.   The more a person holds to the heresy of modernism, the more his psyche will lean towards narcissistic tendencies.

The auxiliary bishop, Dom Joaquim Mol Guimarães, who confirmed the girl says he knows the pastor in the video in the above letter in Portuguese.  The bishop claims that she received Holy Communion later at that same Mass and that the video was doctored.

As you read the English translation below of the above letter in Portuguese, notice the bishop prohibited Holy Communion on the tongue due to COVID (a sham two years ago, not to mention now) and prohibited Holy Communion to those kneeling because of the people behind them (a total cop-out we hear in the United States that “someone could trip.”)  Notice that both of those reasons are man-centered, not God-centered.  (And they’re obviously ridiculous reasons even on that front of man-centered theology.)

Dom Guimarães even admits in his letter:  “I tried showing [her] that the best would be to receive communion like everyone else was. She did not accept and, helped by people around, went to the pastor.” (emphasis mine.)  Thus, the bishop admits he talked disapprovingly to her during Mass about her desire to receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue.  He then writes, “she did not accept” his counsel.  That means that even after a “talking-to,” she did not want to receive Holy Communion on her hands while standing.

Dom Joaquim Giovani Mol Guimarães
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, August 6th 2023.


Due to a video disclosing a supposed denial of communion to a confirmed young woman, I make the following clarifications for the sake of truth.

Yesterday, on transfiguration Sunday, I experienced the joy of celebrating the confirmation of youth from the Santa Maria Estrela da Manhã Parish, in Belo Horizonte.
Everything went well, as usual.

Before initiating communion, I gave orientations to everyone on the way of receiving communion, which would be on the hand, as I avoid giving communion on the mouth since the first signs of the pandemic, and mainly out of respect and care for people who receive communion next; and that it would be standing up, thus making the circulation of people easier, because it was a special, festive day, with a full church.

A confirmed woman wanted to receive communion on the mouth and on her knees. I tried showing that the best would be to receive communion like everyone else was. She did not accept and, helped by people around, went to the pastor –a good priest and friend, concelebrant with me– because they know each other, and so she received communion and participated normally on the post-communion prayer, on the blessing, and on a picture we all took together and happy: the confirmed, the catechists, the priest, and I. And everything was very beautiful.

Someone who was there filming it posted a manipulated video, since it “cut” the moment the confirmed young lady received communion, and many came to spread that she had been denied communion.
Know, as well, that I have great friendship with the youth and dedicate them much of myself, of my hope, of my faith, my enthusiasm in helping them build the civilization of love . I live in communion with them and with much joy when we encounter each other. And so will we continue the way.

Cordially, in Christ,

Dom Joaquim Giovani Mol Guimarães

Finally, notice that the auxiliary bishop of Belo Horizonte self-styles himself the jolly-and-lovable hero in all of this drama. During or after Mass, there is “a picture we all took together and happy” and he insists he has a “great friendship with the youth” as they all “build the civilization of love.”  But the person recording the Mass “posted a manipulated video, since it ‘cut’ a moment…”  Put it all together and:  The bishop is “building a civilization of love” but the girl is disobedient and the videographer is manipulative.  This is exactly how narcissism functions on any continent:  Self-victimization, victim-shaming and self-aggrandizement.  Oh, and it’s often an adult doing it to a child in some form of psychological abuse.  It is even more pronounced for a member of the Novus Ordo hierarchy shaming a child since modernism always includes narcissism.