Died Suddenly is a new documentary by Stew Peters on the increase in of all-cause deaths since the release of the C-19 “vaccine.”  He proposes a motive of zero-population growth for how many have “died suddenly” from the vaccine.  The cinematography is a little hokey, and it’s a bit too scary for children, but it is worth watching for anyone interested in anything beyond what CNN is saying on the enormous increase of all-cause mortality from 2020 to 2022.  Died Suddenly tackles both blood-clots in adults and the astonishing 40+sigma increase in stillbirth-rate since the release of the deadly covid “vaccine.”  There were over 6M views in just the first two days of its release.  Our Lord’s name is taken in vain at 52:17.  You can watch it on Rumble or tap “Play” in the middle of the below embedded-movie: