We are starting to see that the secular religion of leftists is Satanism.  Perhaps, if you were in a pub in 1965 in Chicago, you might hear a healthy debate between a conservative man and a liberal man on, say,  how much taxes should be allotted to waste-disposal or the local police force.  There were probably good arguments on both sides of the fence.  But now that the left is arguing for infanticide and genital mutilation of pre-teens, we have to ask:  What is driving such assertions found to be so irrational?  We all know that the answer to anything that irrational is this:  Demons are directly influencing human beings.  That has always been the case, but the leftists have fully unmasked themselves since 2020.

I have wondered a long time the connection between climate-change and abortion.  Why is nearly everyone setting off alarms about climate-change also lobbying for abortion?  I suspected de-population was the underlying motive of this.  However, after hearing a talk by a pro-life activist in California named Seth Gruber, I have now had my eyes opened to see that a connection that is not political—but rather, religious.

Gruber explains in the above link that Aztecs in the 15th century sacrificed humans to the sun-god because the world was going to go cold if the sun-god was unable to defeat darkness through the sacrifices of humans.  Similarly, climate-change alarmists today in the 21st century teach that the world will go hot if we cannot continue the human sacrifice of others in abortion.  Do you see the brilliant connection he has made?  A superstitious climate-alarm is the reason why demons have tricked humans to kill more humans in both pre-Colonial Aztec times and the secular leftists of the Western governments today.

The top left picture is where the blood of human sacrifice flowed down during the Aztec Empire, just outside modern-day Mexico City.  The top right picture is where the blood of human sacrifice flows today, at a Planned Parenthood in Houston, TX.  These two buildings are less than 1,000 miles from each other.  Gruber is correct:  Abortion is a diabolical human-sacrifice needed to “feed” demons who have only empty threats of changing the climate.  You would think that modernists who “follow the science” would see through the farce of climate-change (as there is no evidence of any significant man-made climate-change) and connect the de-population goals of the globalists to the blood-thirsty Aztecs who ripped the hearts of out of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans belonging to surrounding tribes.

As Seth Gruber brilliantly notes, a fertility-cult like birth-control is always connected to the Moloch-cult of infant sacrifice. “Jesus says, ‘I must die so that you may live,’ whereas the climate-culture says, ‘Babies must die so that I may live.'”

Demons are using the same playbook as they did 500 years ago.  Demons have found any mind not coordinated to Jesus Christ and His Church to be just as susceptible to deceit, climate-superstition and murder as any pagan in those seemingly-darker times of world history.  It seems to be shaking out that without Christ (and his holy Mother, as we saw these sacrifices of the Aztecs only end through the miraculous appearance of Our Lady of Guadeloupe) we are all doomed to continue the history of mass-murder at the diabolical instigation of superstitious climate fears.  Again, the devil has no new-playbook for those who don’t know Jesus Christ.